can someone help me how to make a CNA resume - page 8

hi can anybody share their ideas on what to put on CNA resume? thank u... Read More

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    can anyone send me a copy of the email... thanks

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    hi can you send me a cna resume..
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    Hello, I am a new CNA and would love to see a copy of your resume if that's alright. Thanks!
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    AbDeb can you please send me your resume, i just finished school and i dont have experience. i been applying but nobody would hire me because i dont have much experience, thank u
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    This is the basic structure of my resume that got me hired on the spot, with no paid work experience in the field:

    First and Last Name
    Address Line 1
    Address Line 2
    Phone Number
    E-mail Address

    State what you have to offer the facility and long-term goals

    List any CNA/HHA training programs and college degrees

    List any BLS, CNA, HHA, or other relevant certifications/licenses

    Listed my clinical experiences for my CNA course

    I hadn't had paid work in the field, but I'd volunteered in a hospital

    I used this to highlight my volunteer work with kids, since it was a pediatric position, plus my work history to show I was reliable

    I gave 3 professional (clinical instructor, volunteer/work supervisors) references with phone and address

    Always remember, keep it neat, use a professional e-mail address, and basic font (Times New Roman, etc)
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    Hi can yu send me a copy of ur resume too. This my first time taking the cna class n i really wanna be a cna. But i have to take the class so im taking it in october 22, 2012. As yu know i dnt have no experiences. So i was wondering will yu send me a copy of ur resume to me too. @ Thank yu
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    Hello! I'd love to see an example of your entry level resume. I just received my CNA certificate & have been trying to put a resume together, but between the gaps in my work history{I've been a stay at home mom working from home} and unrelated fields...I'm not sure how to put it all together.
    I know this is an older thread but I'm hoping you'll see this Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
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    I found two really good sources for my resume. The first was that I bought the book Official CNA Resume and Cover Letter Manual on amazon. It had something like 10-20 different templates and helped me to figure out what exactly I needed for both. I also used a free resume guide on But in all honesty, it just pointed me back to the book, which ended up being my lead source.
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    Hi, would you mind emailing me a copy too? Thanks!

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