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hi can anybody share their ideas on what to put on CNA resume? thank u... Read More

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    Quote from AzDeb
    Kitsey - I would be happy to send you a copy of my resume. I would just need your email. (not sure if it's okay to post email addresses in threads or not???) At least you could get some ideas from my resume if you like how I did it.
    AzDeb... could you send it to me too... sorry to bother you though i just really really need help...

    Thank You


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    Hi AZDEB, I am also a new cna and read your comment on your resume. I would love to see it to get some ideas, "if you don't mind"!tamarasanfordlivecom
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    i need a sample also pls.....
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    Hi AzDeb

    My name is Lyn and I recently became a CNA, but I have no clue how to start my resume. I was wondering if you could e-mail me a copy of your CNA resume. By the way I am entry-level and I need all the help to find a job as soon as possible. Since my father recently was laid-off.
    I would greatky appreciate it.
    Thanks, Lyn.
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    Quote from ccmelluvvin
    hi can anybody share their ideas on what to put on CNA resume? thank u
    AzDeb would you mind sending me a copy? I am a newly graduated RN and am also trying to apply for CNA positions. I would be grateful for any tips you have. Thank you!
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    AzDeb... could you send it to me too? I sent you a personal message with my email.

    Thank you so much for helping all of us!!!!

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    she is no longer sending out emails.
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    Could any one help me with my resume? Ideas suggestions? Im a new cna any answers would be helpful!
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    If any of y'all could email me a copy ofyours to get an idea I would really appreciate it. Thanx
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    can i get a copy of your resume as well i am having trouble in formatting. thanks

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