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hi can anybody share their ideas on what to put on CNA resume? thank u... Read More

  1. by   MissPat
    AzDeb... could you send it to me too? I sent you a personal message with my email.

    Thank you so much for helping all of us!!!!

  2. by   on eagles wings
    she is no longer sending out emails.
  3. by   cna777
    Could any one help me with my resume? Ideas suggestions? Im a new cna any answers would be helpful!
  4. by   cna777
    If any of y'all could email me a copy ofyours to get an idea I would really appreciate it. Thanx
  5. by   shyred2581
    can i get a copy of your resume as well i am having trouble in formatting. thanks
  6. by   Aongroup1990
    can anyone send me a copy of the email... thanks
  7. by   Aongroup1990
    hi can you send me a cna resume..
  8. by   saturn90
    Hello, I am a new CNA and would love to see a copy of your resume if that's alright. Thanks!
  9. by   arolan
    AbDeb can you please send me your resume, i just finished school and i dont have experience. i been applying but nobody would hire me because i dont have much experience, thank u
  10. by   CapeCodDreamer
    This is the basic structure of my resume that got me hired on the spot, with no paid work experience in the field:

    First and Last Name
    Address Line 1
    Address Line 2
    Phone Number
    E-mail Address

    State what you have to offer the facility and long-term goals

    List any CNA/HHA training programs and college degrees

    List any BLS, CNA, HHA, or other relevant certifications/licenses

    Listed my clinical experiences for my CNA course

    I hadn't had paid work in the field, but I'd volunteered in a hospital

    I used this to highlight my volunteer work with kids, since it was a pediatric position, plus my work history to show I was reliable

    I gave 3 professional (clinical instructor, volunteer/work supervisors) references with phone and address

    Always remember, keep it neat, use a professional e-mail address, and basic font (Times New Roman, etc)
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  11. by   lanisha89
    Hi can yu send me a copy of ur resume too. This my first time taking the cna class n i really wanna be a cna. But i have to take the class so im taking it in october 22, 2012. As yu know i dnt have no experiences. So i was wondering will yu send me a copy of ur resume to me too. @ Thank yu
  12. by   KLW4
    Hello! I'd love to see an example of your entry level resume. I just received my CNA certificate & have been trying to put a resume together, but between the gaps in my work history{I've been a stay at home mom working from home} and unrelated fields...I'm not sure how to put it all together.
    I know this is an older thread but I'm hoping you'll see this Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
  13. by   DaveChesson
    I found two really good sources for my resume. The first was that I bought the book Official CNA Resume and Cover Letter Manual on amazon. It had something like 10-20 different templates and helped me to figure out what exactly I needed for both. I also used a free resume guide on But in all honesty, it just pointed me back to the book, which ended up being my lead source.
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