Anyone gone through or going to go through the Red Cross CNA program?

  1. I'm wondering if anyone's gone through the program in Richmond and how they liked it.
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  3. by   sh1015
    I was going to do the Red Cross program here in Louisville, but they didn't have classes on weekends. So, I went with a small privately owned healthcare institute called Right Choice. They're amazing! I've heard great things about similar schools in Kentucky, like Bluegrass in Lexington. Sorry, don't know any in your area. But, I've heard the Red Cross classes are bigger. There were only 4 people in my class, and it's so nice. I got to know the other people and my instructors well. Everyone is so friendly. Honestly, when I called the Red Cross here, they were, uh, a little grumpy. Haha.
  4. by   Cathylady
    I'm signed up for the Red Cross program here in Richmond. It's $1,250. That includes books, stethoscope and the red scrub top. How much was your program?
    This is four-weeks long from 9AM-3PM. I'm a teacher and am off in the summer so it's perfect for me.
  5. by   sh1015
    Mine was around $600. That included the text book, work book, and scrub top. We didn't need to buy a stethoscope or cuff because they had enough for us to use. But I bought my own because I figured it couldn't hurt. My program is 8-4:30 Sat and Sun for 5 weeks. I have my clinicals next week and I'm excited.

    My school also has snacks, drinks, and sometimes breakfast for us. That's really nice.
  6. by   Cathylady
    wow that's a great price!!Did you get a scholarship? What city are you in?
    The program I'm enrolled is 130 hours, I wonder how they can differ so much.
    I know, I'm excited as well.
  7. by   Sally Lou
    I did the Red Cross CNA/HHA program here in Massachusetts. Fulltime is days for 4 wks and 2-3 days of clinical. Unemployment may pay for this, you'd have to check. Part-time (what i did, i still worked my fulltime job) was 3 nights a wk for 6 wks and 3 days of clinical. It was a little over 1K and that included the book. You bought own scrubs.

    It thought it was awesome. When the class is done the instructors will let you use them (ask) for a reference for a job.
  8. by   Cathylady
    That's great! I'm looking forward to the training.
    I actually teach and I have a Master's degree but this is something I've always wanted to do and now that I'm an empty nester I have the time.
    I'll continue to teach (I love that as well) but hopefully I can pick up some hours during the school year and work more hours during the summer.
  9. by   Cathylady
    Sally Lou,
    What is HHA?
    Home Health Assistant?
  10. by   Sally Lou
    Quote from Cathylady
    Sally Lou,
    What is HHA?
    Home Health Assistant?

    Home Health Aide.

    You do get both certifications.