Anyone care to know if this is legit?

  1. ok I'm a cna looking for work and I came across this ad on craigslist the ad looks legit and all but when I called them they said they also assist with other job (not cna related jobs) and i found that weird because that doesn't sound like your typical agency which places you in LTC or health related facility. Towards the end of the conversation with this woman she then "asked there is a $80 registration and background fee will I be able to pay this" that immediately made me feel as if this place was legit or not. I told the woman I am unable to pay the fee at the moment and she just hunged up the phone. My question to anyone who might know a thing or two about this is if places like this are legit?
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    You shouldn't have to pay for a job service, that is generally the employers responsibility not the prospective employee. Try reading this article from one of the staff members:
  4. by   Doom
    Thank you very much, that article was very helpful.
  5. by   Miiki
    Never pay for a job!