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I'm 19, and in my second semester of college. I've applied to the LPN program, and am waiting to hear back. Lately I have thought about applying for a CNA job at my local hospital. I did clinicals there when I look a Nursing... Read More

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    All I can tell you is when you get a job as a CNA or PCT they don't just put you by yourself. You get to train with another aid, which is between 4-6 weeks long. You will be comfy by then Trust me, when you think about it, it is easy to get scared. Don't think about it, just do it and I'm sure you will be fine. I felt scared at 1st but that was 10 years ago. Good luck, if you enjoy it like I do then it will be very rewarding. I enjoy the hospital a lot more than LTC, but a lot of the people in LTC (workers) love LTC.
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    I was scared when I started as I had never worked in this field at all. I was scared all the way until after I worked by myself for the first time. It was then I realized that I was okay, I had learned a lot and to not be afraid to ask questions. I believe you can conquer your fears

    After being a CNA I say that I feel more confident in my RN program now that I am used to working with people at this kind of level.
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    Don't be confused my friend. It's not a matter of being scared. Though, I am not a CNA, my sis has opted for it. Initially, even she was scared and not confident about her choice of career. But, now she has completed her CNA training and is doing good as a CNA. You would get the training of your job and gradually learn it. So, just continue with your studies and practices.
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    Yep as others stated its all about gaining confidence. Many CNA's don't even have aspirations of being a nurse so you'll have a leg up in that. Honestly do not be nervous, you'll be surprised at how natural everything comes. Your coworkers will help you too!

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