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Hello everyone! I'm a pre-nursing student and this summer I'm going to be taking a CNA class so I can start accumulating experience in nursing. I'm actually applying this summer to be accepted to an accelerated bachelors... Read More

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    Wow thanks so much for being so descriptive! Sounds like a lot of hard work! But I'm up for it!

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    My nights at the hospital are 6p to 6:30 am and something like this
    6- get report on pt's from day CNA, visit all pt's &introduce myself
    7:30- start 8pm vitals, safety checks, change pt's as needed, pass diabetic snacks, turn hospice pt's chart
    10- safety checks, bed alarms on, turn hospice pt's, change as needed, chart
    11:20 ish- start 12 vitals (all pt's), safety checks, turn hospice pt's, change as needed
    12:30 ish- chart, take break (on a smooth night)
    1:30- safety checks, turn hospice pt's, change as needed
    2- chart (usually after this we have a bit of down time)
    3:30- start 4am vitals, turn hospice pt's, get daily weights, change as needed, safety checks
    4- chart
    5-6 usually just answer call lights &wait for the ay CNA's to make it in
    6:15- give report
    (In between answer call lights, accept new admits, and help out the nurses... )

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