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    I'm starting my CNA course next month. Part of the class includes BCLS training/testing. In order to build my resume, I want to get as many acronyms after my name as possible. I've started looking into ACLS and PALS classes, both offered at the same school as my CNA course (which is also the school I'm waiting on for my acceptance letter). The only pre-requisite for the 2 day classes is being BCLS certified, which I will be at some point in the next few months. Has anyone taken either course? Is the material too advanced for "just" a CNA?

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    Hey ChristiM !!! You Go Girl!!!! I think ACLS just goes deeper into Airway Management..
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    Quote from tex42cares
    Hey ChristiM !!! You Go Girl!!!! I think ACLS just goes deeper into Airway Management..
    Thanks for the shout out! I was waitlisted (pre-nursing) for spring 2012 (*fingers crossed that enough people drop so I can get in!*) but I'm figuring I won't be in until summer 2012. Most of my non-nursing classes (ENG, PSY, etc) are done (doing my last one --SOC-- this fall) so instead of twiddling my thumbs while I wait for my acceptance letter, I figured I'd take some other courses to pass the time.
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    You could spend your money on getting those certifications or wait until you become an RN and have your employer pay for you to take the classes.

    Honestly if I were you, I would probably wait until you are closer to graduation before getting the certifications. You are not going to make any extra money with them and if you are not in the nursing program yet, it will most likely be time to renew them by the time you graduate.
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    I came across a few CNA positions at one of the local children's hospitals that required PALS. I know I wouldn't make any more $$ but I thought it would make my CNA resume look a bit better and allow me a better chance of getting hired at a hospital. The courses are inexpensive--less than $150 each--and it would give me something else to do while I wait to start school.
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    I thought both of these classes required pre existing knowledge greater than what a CNA with no other medical training would have, along the lines of an RN or Paramedic, but I could be wrong.