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would anyone want to list some medical abbreviations I may need to learn? I like to get a good head start:D thanks,Michelle ps. I have my book,been going over it,but it really doesnt list many abbreviations.... Read More

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    Well, let's many of these are now just 2nd nature
    AC before meals
    P after
    T=Three times
    Q=four times
    ROM=range of motion
    CPM=continous passive motion machine
    OOB= out of breath
    geez, I'm lost when actually trying to describe them.....

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    hi,thanks! Is oob-out of bed and out of breath? or just a typo? I know sob is short of breath. thanks again!
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    Ok, so I was packing up my room, and getting rid of a lot of old papers/handouts/etc. and happened upon the following list of here goes...

    a.c.=before meals
    ad. lib=as desired
    AP= apical pulse

    bid-twice a day
    BM= bowel movement
    BP=blood pressure
    BR= bedrest
    BRP=bathroom privledges

    CBC=complete blood count
    CBR= complete bedrest
    CC= cheif complaint
    c/o= complains of
    CPR= cardiopulmonary resuscitation
    C&S = culture and sensitivity

    drsg= dressing

    EKG= Electrocardiogram

    HOB= head of bed
    HS= bedtime
    I&O= intake and output
    NPO=nothing by mouth
    o2= oxygen
    PRN= as needed
    q= every

    Hope these help!
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    thanks for taking the time to list all of those!! we also got a list in class today!{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}} Michelle

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