20 day CNA program

  1. I recently found a 20 day/4 weeks (5 days a week) CNA program, consisting of 50 hours of lecture and 100 hours of clinicals. How rigorous are CNA programs? Will the lectures require a lot of out of the classroom studying? What are clinicals like?
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  3. by   eatmysoxRN
    I took CNA class during high school. It was very simple. Not difficult. Medical terminology and learning basic skills were pretty much the most difficult parts.
  4. by   blwilliams10
    It will be a lot of work, but really is manageable. In my state we require 75 hours classroom time and 100 hours of clinical time. Classes for us were two 8 hour days and three 8 hour clinical days; class was 5 weeks.
  5. by   mvm2
    CNA classes are not too hard. We had a book which are instructor taught from, and then we would have a little test on the chapter. She taught us the skills which I think is really one of the most important aspects of the class because you have to do them correctly for the states test to get your certificate.
    As for the clinicals I think every class experiance is totally different. Sometimes I think you have a lot of hands on, while some do not do a lot. I personally did not learn much really on my clinicals. It was just an opertunity to see what the job would be like a little bit. But for me not totally because I was already working as an aide in Home Care and was plaining on staying on as a CNA. Though the class I felt I got more out of then the clinicals because it did help me learn things to make me feel more confident in the job I was already doing. I did like to work the clinicals though because we did it at our local Vets home and I loved helping all those men that did so much for our country, and it felt good to give back to these wonderful men.
  6. by   sammi2006
    I did a program similar to that a couple of years ago in Oregon, we did 2 weeks classroom lecture and 2 weeks of clinical. I loved it! There was a little bit of studying after lectures, but other than that it wasn't bad. Clinicals were great for getting experience working with patients, and also for gaining confidence.
  7. by   fbrlauren
    How difficult is the subject matter?
  8. by   chas89
    My CNA class wasn't that bad at all. It was 6 weeks long. 4 weeks was class and skills lab at school and the other 2 weeks were clinicals at the nursing home. We had a book and my instructor went thru the chapters with PowerPoint slides. You may be nervous your 1st day but as days & weeks go by, that will fade away. By the end of your CNA class & clinicals, you and the other students will be closer than you could ever be. That's how it was for me.
  9. by   mvm2
    The subject matter was easy. A lot of common sence stuff really. It was not super hard, but I guess the hardest chapter for me was the systems of the body, and what problems the geriatic residents might have with them. For instance the respitory system talked about COPD. Try not to be nurvous. Come into the class room with confidence, and it actually can be fun to learn the things that you are going to do and know in your new job.