What do you wear?

  1. Weird question. In ICU, what do your managers/educators/CNS wear to work? I think I have seen it all. Our DNO wears professional (skirt/suits/pantyhose) and usually a white lab coat, my director (male) and other managers (also male) wears casual khakis and button down shirts. I have worked with another female manager who wore scrubs, which was weird because I never saw her touch a patient. I'm in line for an ICU manager job and clinical educator and am wondering how I should dress. I could do scrubs, but I don't have the right colors (new hospital) but was thinking casual slacks and a lab coat might suit my style better. I am a clogs and sneakers kind of gal and felt like an imposter in my pantyhose/suit for the interview. Am I ready to "graduate" to the white coat? Our caseworkers and chart review team do... Thanks for your thoughts.
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    In our SICU, the CNS and nurse educators wear the same color scrubs as the RN's but they have the option to wear a long white lab coat which for some reason a lot of them do not choose to wear.
  4. by   meandragonbrett
    Our NM and Head Nurses wear scrubs...Our head nurses are involved in direct patient care a certain # of days per pay period.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    In my dialysis units, I wear street clothes and a long, blue lab coat with my name and name of the practice embroidered on it.

    When I work in the hospital, same deal.
  6. by   nservice
    I am an educator and I wear business attire on days when i have meetings and scrubs on other days. I don't take a patient load, but when I'm rounding on the units to evaluate new hires I go into the patient's rooms with them and team up with them to do patient care. I also get called to the units to trouble shoot or teach something to a new graduate. I feel more comfortable wearing scrubs for this.

    As a side note, DON'T wear a suit and heels when JCAHO is in your hospital. I ended up working 4 hours on the unit in heels and a suit. It was a sight to see. I wanted to cut my feet off, they hurt so bad!!