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Salary negotiations

  1. 0 I am a new CCNS in Ohio. I have just been offered a CNS position in ICU. I have 9 years of ICU experience as a staff nurse. I'm the first CNS hired at this facility and almost no one even knows what a CNS is. I start salary negotiations next week. I have no clue what range of salary I should ask for or expect. CNSs in Ohio are APN. Can anyone please tell me a salary range I should ask for. Is it the same as a NP?
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    First, congrats on the job.

    If CNS is an APN and same scope of practice as NP, then yes, you should ask for same amt of salary. Will you be billing for your services? Or will you be billed along with the MDs bill?

    Its always a good idea to know what revenue you are bringing in.
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    Thanks trauma r us! I'm not sure how the billing will work. I'll be employed through the hospital and my collaborating physician will be the medical director of ICU. I have a lot of questions I'm not sure how to answer. Can I round on all icu patients and write progress notes? Can I only do that for my collaborating MD's patients? I'm really confused.....
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    Is your collaborating MD an intensivist? Or private MD?

    Is he your only collaborating MD?
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    He's a pulmonologist/intensivist in a private practice but also has hospital privileges to see inpatients. At this time he is my only collaborating physician but there has been talk about our hospitalist group also being collaborating docs. Unfortunately, my facility is very political, not very supportive of APNs and cater to physicians. Since I will be the very first CNS employed there I do have concerns.
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    I would too in your position. I think I would link up with your state's APN organization to get the scoop on your local salaries that other APNs get.