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  1. Hi, all. I have come to a crossroads in my program, where I have to choose between child psych CNS and adult psych NP. I like children and adults equally. My question is, are there any child psych CNS jobs left--and not as "staff educator," that is really not what I want to do. In GA, the CNS=NP in psych and they prescribe equally under the doctor's oversight. In Jan 2012 the CNS will achieve APRN status here for all specialties, in fact. But I don't plan to live here forever. The coursework is the same for the college--both take health assessment, loads of pharmacology, and diagnosis.

    Do other states recognize the psych CNS? Do they practice as the NPs do, or do they have more of a therapist/educator role? Is it worth going CNS to get the certification in children--as programs around here are rare on the children, it is all adults' psych.

    At this point, I would like to go with the one with better job opportunities and add on a certificate--much later--for the other. Any advice? TIA!!
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  3. by   Psychcns
    There is a document I found on the web called 2010_Regulation of Advanced Practice Nursing..about APRN practice by state boards. I am a psych CNS and can prescribe in 34 states. NP's can prescribe in all 50. My original certification was adult but there is a trend now toward a family focus. I am able to see adults and children. I am not sure how many people are still taking the ANCC child CNS exam. A lot of FNP's are now prescribing for children. Scope of practice does depend on the state. I suggest you review some of the state nurse practice acts where you may want to live. It is all very confusing...And I think for psych a foundation in psychotherapy is important but I am not sure how it is being integrated into programs now. You can always get more training and supervision later....
  4. by   truffles111
    Do you currently provide counseling as a CNS?
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Pysch CNS - just curious - did you go back and get a peds psych CNS too in order to see kids?

    I too was an adult CNS who wants to see kids so I had to do another post-MSN certificate as a peds CNS. (I'm not a psych CNS).

  6. by   Psychcns
    Yes--I do provide counseling
    No--I did not go back to get certified to see children. In the Nurse Practice Act in MA you don't have to...this may vary from state to state.
    I am now trying to get licensed in Oregon..they don't require ANCC certification...
    I suggest the original poster research possible states she may want to live in and try to plan ahead. I think, per the LACE document, the plan is for all states to accept by endorsement, licensure from practicing APRN's. supposedly if you keep up your APRN license in one state it will transfer to another by endorsement...I am also trying to get licensed in CT--a different application...
  7. by   traumaRUs
    Wow - you are right - the states are so different.

    Yes, hopefully the ANCC Consensus Model will help us all out.