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hello all, i am in a fnp+pmhnp+mhcns program (custom curriculum)and am looking for advice. the psych portion is referred to as a “blended” program that prepares us for taking both the pmhnp and psych cns certification exam.... Read More

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    Quote from t2krookie
    One thing I forgot to mention that is an advantage in the blended Psych CNS/PMHNP program is that I can do clinicals with both NP/Psychiatrists as well as therapists. It definately widened my clinical site options without increasing the hours. The psych portion is 720 hours and the FNP portion is 680. I find it a bit ironic the FNP being less hours but there ya go.
    The clinical options widening is a real plus. A good clinical experience sets you on the right trajectory. Guess I've been fortunate, I've heard some horror stories. The clincal hours are just token anyway. One small digital image in a panorama that will probably take those 20 years you mentioned earlier to get an idea of what that picture even is. Life's for learning.
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