Lactation specialty and MSN degrees

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    What advanced practice nursing degree would be most appropriate for someone interested in lactation. I am working on my IBCLC, but I also want to pursue a msn in the near future.


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    Hmm....good question. Perhaps ask in the midwife forum?
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    You could go for Women's Health Nurse Practitioner or Certified Nurse Midwife or Family Nurse Practitioner. It just depends upon where you want to expand your scope of practice.
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    Peds ! I work in a pediatric clinic (not an RN) and was able to achieve board certification from all the lactation counseling I did. The Pediatric NPs where I work utilize me often due to their limited lactation knowledge base. Where there are babies and breastfeeding moms, is where you will get your experience. Hope that helps )
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    I am an IBCLC and have a masters in nursing education. Health care providers are often sorely lacking in EB knowledge about human lactation. I teach staff and physicians about lactation and how to support their patients. I also teach at the nursing schools.
    Its something to consider. You should also consider focusing on maternity/newborn areas to advance your skills.

    Good Luck
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    I am struggling with the same issue! Union Institute & University offers a M.A. in Health & Wellness with a specialization in Lactation Consulting. But where I work acute care facilities do not recognize this degree. They only recognize MSN's. It's very frustrating. The only other solution I have found is to go the route of a degree in the field of Nutrition but that is not really the focus I am seeking. If/when the (IMHO absurd) requirement that nurse midwives have DNP's comes to pass, I am betting that, in short order, there will be MSN degrees targeted at in-patient obstetrical care. Maybe some will allow for a concentration in Lactation. Anyone else thinking along the same lines?

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