helllllllllllllllllpppppp plz help help help

  1. 0 hey guys

    i am a critical care student and i am doing my specialized diploma . one of the assignment is to write an essay of 2500 words about any element about the professional code of conduct.

    [size=5]any has written about it , plz send it to me.
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    It would be interesting to see someone write about tattoos and peircings in the nursing profession. I have a lip peircing and had to leave a nursing job because they wanted me to take it out. All of the other places I have worked since then have not had a problem with it. I have never had a pt. complain about it and in fact have gotten several compliments on it. I also used to have dreadlocks and have gotten a lot of positive feedback from pt.'s on it. It helped the pt's to open up to me more when they saw that I was not trying to be on some moral high horse that the nursing profession tries to put us on.
    Anyway, just a suggestion.
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    Writing a paper about professional code of conduct and asking for someone to send you a paper? I find this rather strange
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    I'm with you gauge14IV.

    I see the original poster is from Oman - perhaps it is the wording of the post? Are you looking for topics or an actual paper? If topics, you might do a search of professional nursing literature and get some ideas that way.

    We can't send actual papers as that wouldn't be professional. Good luck.

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