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Good evening everyone! Those of us that are CNS's have a great variety of roles/jobs and I am curious just what everyone else does. I graduated in May with a post-MSN adult CNS. Currently, I work in a large nephrology practice... Read More

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    Got it. So you would work in endocrinology basically as a broad scope?

    I would scout out those practices and talk to the mid-levels working there. Another place (related) might be diabetes - though I know you aren't interested in that direction, maybe the mid-levels doing diabetes education would know a better direction or know some other folks.

    Another idea - join your state's APN organization.

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    I am about to graduate from my CNS program this spring. Most of my nursing experience has been in critical care and research. I have worked in an ICU/CCU, and trauma ICU. I took a position as a neurotrauma research nurse at the University when I started my graduate program (University staff members are eligible for a 90% tuition reimbursement). I also work as a per diem educator for a medical device company.

    For a long time I was unsure of what I wanted to do in my nursing career. I considered anesthesia school, but working in the OR has zero appeal to me. The critical care aspect of anesthesia is appealing, but I felt that I would quickly become bored with the work, and the sole reason for pursuing that career would be for the money. I considered practicing as an NP because I enjoy patient care, however following the medical model has less appeal than practicing in a nursing role. I also considered working full time for the medical device company, but the job would require M-F travel and some work in sales, which has LESS than zero appeal to me.

    I decided to pursue the CNS track (critical care) because I enjoy supporting both nurses and patients. I enjoy direct patient care, and sharing my expertise (neuro/trauma) with patients, nurses, and residents. In my current job as a research nurse for traumatic brain injury, I have been consulted in policies involving patient care (policy related to drawing CSF), and nursing education (ICU management of patients with severe traumatic brain injury), and also serve as a liaison between clinical staff and the patient and family (due to the nature of our research, I often am the first one meeting the family and explaining the nature of their relative's injury and what to expect, etc).

    I realize there may not be as many opportunities for clinical nurse specialists out there compared to NP's and CRNA's, however I still feel that this is the best fit for me. I am not discouraged though, I feel that more hospitals lately are focusing on quality improvement measures (my hospital is currently trying to obtain Magnet status), and I have seen more opportunities available that require CNS expertise.
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    I first joined this discussion (2009, I think) as I was starting my MSN. I was not sure which track to pursue (CNS vs. NP). I just graduated 12/14/2011 with MSN, and I did the acute care nurse practitioner track. I am interviewing now and waiting for the OK to take my boards. I thank everyone (traumaRUs) for their insight into the roles, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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    kinlebelle, did you ever find a way to carve yourself an APRN role in endocrinology?
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    Rolo - congrats on your recent milestone and thanks for the kind words.

    Do you have a job lined up?
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    Quote from kelrn24
    [color=#483d8b]question...anyone a cns in sc? it appears that the scope of practice is pretty open. also, does anyone have experience in the ed/icu as a cns? any comments or suggestions?



    [color=#483d8b]life is better at the beach!
    i am a nurse in sc and just looked today at the bon. the scope is on par with np, as far as i understood, as both cns and np have to apply for prescribing privilidges.
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    I received my psych CNS in 1994 in MA and was eligible for prescriptive authority. I continued to work in management for a few years and tried to find a collaborating physician to prescribe on the side....I went on to work in education, consutling, and eventually started prescribing. Now I work locum tenens in states that will allow me to prescribe--the job is usually called psych NP..As a psych cns, i was prepared for several roles--one being clinical--this role became the Psych NP. In psych the CNS appears to be pushed out in favor of the Psych NP..I am glad to see the CNS included in the APRN roles...it is a broad based clinical role and deserves to continue..
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    I am Medical surgical nurse with master degree in Iran (if you may call this as CNS). notwithstanding I have a master degree, my current role is faculty member and educating the nursing student in hospital and nursing schools. actually master nurses in Iran do not have any role in the practice unless they employ as a practice nurse not as an educators.
    when I read the comments of all CNS, I really sad in my heart about such a greate responsibity that they have. I hope that, nursing in Iran got change in future.
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    After graduation, I kept the part-time emergency staff nurse job, a position that I had for the last 10 years, and this past June, I added a part-time hospice/palliative care NP job (love it!). Last Friday, I put the 2-wk notice in for the staff nurse job, and I am going to be picking up more time with my NP job. The company is great. I told them that I did not want to abandon emergency nursing, that I would like to pick up enough time to get insurance through them, and then I would like to do some part-time emergency NP work. They totally understood and were supportive. As long as I put in at least 30 hours of hospice/palliative time, then I get my insurance/benefits, and they are good with me working in the emergency department. I did, by the way, secure an emergency NP job a couple of weeks ago. I am going through the dreaded credentialing process. It is a wonder that there are any NPs with what one has to do in order to get credentialed (wish me luck!).

    I do not check out the discussion boards like I used, so I apologize for the delay.

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