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Calling all CNS

  1. 0 I aspire to become a CNS, what do you guys do specifically, how much education needed, where do you work, what are the benefits of being a CNS! thanx!:spin:
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    Hi there and welcome. I'm an adult health CNS and I function as an advanced practice nurse, meaning I see patients independently, write prescriptions, order and interpret tests and refer patients as necessary. I am employed by a large (15 MD) nephrology practice. I have approx 200 patients that I must see weekly.

    My past education is that I started as an LPN in 1992, then got my associates degree as an RN in 1994. Then....I worked for a few years and went back to school in 2002 for a BSN, then in 2004 I started an MSN program (concentration of leadership and management) and then decided after that I wanted to be an APN so pursued a post- MSN certificate and finished in 2006.

    My advice is to skip the LPN and ADN and go right to the BSN. (I wish that I had done that but I was already married and had two sons so I had to do it piecemeal).

    As to my nursing experience, I worked in long term care (nursing home) for two years while I was an LPN, then I worked in ICU (2 years) and ER (10 years) as an RN.

    Good luck - if I can help let me know.