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ANCC - CNS Adult PMH. Study suggestions

  1. 0 I am graduating next month and will be eligible to sit for the Adult CNS PMH exam. It is my understanding that this test was changed and/or updated this past April. The only official study materials that the ANCC provides for this exam are the 150 practice questions that can be purchased for 90-ish dollars. There are no review courses or study manuals. Before I digress into my irritation and frustration over this, let me ask my question: Has anyone taken this exam since April who could provide me with some study guidance?

    Now, to *****. Why are there not study materials??? I purchased the questions and made my way through the first half of them - questions are lifespan - both adults and kids. So, I paid for some questions about an age group that I won't be tested on. Really, how hard would it be to offer each age group 150 appropriate questions? I understand that this particular CNS test will not be offered after 2014, but, for now, it still is. I am very irritated by the lack of support that the ANCC is providing for folks taking this test.
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    What is CNS PMH? I'm just not familiar with the terms.

    Mometrix has all kinds of review materials. That's what I used for the peds CNS exam.
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    PMH stands for Psychiatric-Mental Health. Yeah, I know, all the abbreviations are a bit much.

    Thanks - I've heard of Mometrix - I'll check it out!
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    tineann, did you take your exam? where did you get your degree? I am interested in an online CNS PMH program myself. Thanks and good luck!
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    I am scheduled to take my exam next week. My masters was from University of Rhode Island. I don't know about on-line programs. I do know, that at URI, the Adult Mental Health CNS program will be discontinued after this next year. While I don't agree with it, I think this is the trend. You may need to go with Psych NP...
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    Thank you...I appreciate the tip. I think you're right about the NP track.