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who else is in Chamberlain RN-BSN program currently

  1. 0 I am starting online RN-BSN via Chamberlain College of Nursing from July. Just wondering if any nurses out there who will be starting the program or in the program>

    Any suggestion/idea is appreciated as it will be my first online program...........

    Thank you!!!!
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    Me me me! I'm just finishing my 4th class -- Economics. After this class wraps up next week, I'll have 6 nursing classes left, and that's it. Yay! I'm just taking them one at a time, though. Feel free to PM me for info/questions/whatever!
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    Way to go....LunahRN..although its expensive I decided to go with them....even it means swiping my credit card to pay tuition bills.....I will be starting from july 6th.....
    I will PM you with loads of questions
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    I use an Amazon.com Visa card -- I get a $25 gift certificate for every $2500 I spend, and once I even got triple points for paying for school with it! Then I use the gift certs to buy my books on Amazon.

    I got your PM, I'll respond soon!
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    I will be finishing up my 5th class next week. It really is a great program. I have taken 2 classes at a time but this past 8 weeks have only taken 1. Be prepared to write lots of papers and I mean lots of papers. Some classes will have you write one every week for several weeks and then a huge paper at the end. Let me know if you have any questions. You can PM me if you like.
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    Hello There! I plan to start the program in July as well. What classes will you all be taking this semester?
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    I haven't decided yet. I know the term starts soon but looking for something without a lot of paper writing. I have completed 5, including the 1 I am in now.
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    Lisa, great idea about the Amazon Visa!!

    I start my first class July 6th! I'm taking NR351:Transitions in Professional Nursing
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    I am starting in Chamberlain's RN to BSN program in July. I'm very excited. I began an RN-BSN program at Kaplan a few years ago but decided to not complete it there. It was a great program but I became an independent contractor, worked agency for a while, taught CNA classes, and decided to focus on work. My spouse is a full-time online-educator, he teaches law and CJ. He lovesssss his job. I have stopped working and plan to devote the next three years to completing both the BSN and the MSN educator track at Chamberlain. I hope to then become adjunct faculty for the same school he works for. I'd like to jump right back, get my PhD, and work in curriculum development on higher ed level. I have been impressed with the ease of the admission/financial aid process at Chamberlain. Everyone has been professional and very helpful. Glad to meet some other people that are either in the program or will be starting!

    Sue, RN
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    There seems to be several of us starting in July.

    Sue, I totally agree. The whole process of admissions and registration with Chamberlain was painless. I have an awesome advisor. In fact, LunahRN and I have the same advisor.
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    Christy, isn't she great?? That's why I passed her contact information around quite liberally!

    I finished Econ today! Took my final exam. I won't get my grade until the 25th, though. Ugh. Then I'm off for the next 8-week session, and then back to it at the end of August. I'll be taking NR294 -- Health Assessment.
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    wow...we are at least handful of us starting from july....I am also starting with Professional Transition and Cultural Diversity in the Profession...cant wait for the school to start......

    Yeah..I was really impressed with the painless admission though..didnt get any financial aid as I am non-us citizen...but will be scraping my and my hubby's credit card .....as long as I finish my BSN.....

    Best of luck to all of us
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    Lisa: do you know if the health assessment class has any papers to write?? I am in the process of debating which class to take.