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I am starting online RN-BSN via Chamberlain College of Nursing from July. Just wondering if any nurses out there who will be starting the program or in the program> Any suggestion/idea is appreciated as it will be my first... Read More

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    Quote from AgentR
    ECON is a time consuming class. I've been in the nursing class groove, and it's really thrown me for a loop. It's a lot of specific terminology that I have no previous knowledge of. I wish I hadn't taken it over the summer, because my daughter is home with me and I have to find a balance between keeping her entertained and spending time on the class.

    Oi! I'm due at the end of November with my first baby, I decided to get Econ out of the way before the baby's here so I don't pull my hair out! Everyone seems to be saying that Econ is a PIA. After Econ (during maternity leave) I'm taking intro to the humanities, which will be my last DeVry course. Thank goodness. All of their courses have really been a huge thorn in my side.

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    I read through this thread and made my decision to go with Chamberlain. I really love my advisor she has been very helpful so far. I start Oct 24th and can't wait. I want to be done in less than a year.
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    BetterMeRn hello, I too will start on Oct 24th and can't wait. I originally started in another online program, but that turned out not to be a good fit for me. I also agree that the advisors have been informative and available unlike my previous experience. Best wishes!!!
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    Week 7 of Econ, Finally!

    This has been by far the toughest class I've ever taken!
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    @ Her Own Catalys Kudos for pressing forward in you ECON class. What would you say has made this particular class the most challenging and what advise would you give for those (like myself) who will take this class at some point? Thanks
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    Quote from Rnn2003
    @ Her Own Catalys Kudos for pressing forward in you ECON class. What would you say has made this particular class the most challenging and what advise would you give for those (like myself) who will take this class at some point? Thanks
    definitely the foreign subject matter. Completely different than anything I've ever studied. It's much like learning a foreign language with all the new terminology. Plus there's a quiz every week, a midterm and a final. Oi!

    I've just personally struggled to make good posts, and get through the quizzes. But, I still can't stand the DeVry courses in general! Chamberlain is so much better
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    I'm scared out of my mind to start this program for one, the work and time required. I just need someone to let me know the requirements for Transitions NR351. I'm also registered for Soc350 and NR361 next session if anyone has taken those courses please ease the fears.
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    @Her Own Catalyst RN, thank you for the insight session A I will take NR443 & SOCS350 followed by Session B with NR447 & ECON312. Not sure which emotion to show but I will take it one day at a time.
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    I've really enjoyed my journey with Chamberlain. I've only taken one class every eight weeks (started in Aug '10) and will complete my BSN in June ('12). Took me almost two years but it has been worth it. I've been fairly stress free and have really had a chance to absorb all the info I'm getting.

    DeVry classes are definitely more time consuming as their requirements are slightly different than Chamberlain's. DeVry requires that you post 3 times a week, and often has a midterm and/or final, along with weekly papers or quizzes. This does not mean that DeVry is harder than Chamberlain's courses (except for Econ, have I mentioned that? ) but it does mean that it requires more effort/logins on your part. After every survey I tell them to change the requirements to match Chamberlain. I found Chamberlain is definitely geared more towards the adult learner than DeVry. I also think DeVry needs to keep BSN students with other BSN students. Currently I'm in a class with business majors, communication majors etc and it's just-- IDK a different atmosphere than the Chamberlain courses.

    Anyway, PLENTY of the ladies (and gents) on here take more than 1 course at at time, work full time and are parents. They have found that delicate balance. My suggestion, however, would still be to just take one at a time..at least for the first semester...
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    @Her Own Catalyst RN, thanks for the insight I have adjusted my work schedule (cut my hrs) to accommodate the two classes (Romen Noodles for few months) Since trauma call is always ups for grabs prayerfully I will be able to capitalize on that in the event of an emergency My hubby is supportive of the temporary income cut today not sure about later. Like you said a delicate balance. Thanks again I will more that likely if you don't mind ask for guidance/support from time to time
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