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Transitions in Professional Nursing course - page 2

Hoping anyone who has taken this class can help me. I am hoping to start the online RN-BSN program in July (granted I pass boards). I'm thinking I can only handle one class a session with a... Read More

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    yeah I have to take the assessment test for math as well but so far its just statistics. I think I will have another math class added on to my schedule after that math assessment. I just got told to order my books for Nsg351 and the dollar signs just keep adding! ugh!
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    Hi all! I will start the program on the 9th. I will take trans, english & cul div. Anyone in florida? I'm excited to start, but nervous for the course work. :d
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    I PASSED!!! So...I will definitely will be starting next week, woo hoo! My advisor will officially register me into certain classes on tomorrow. Wonder if any of us will be in the same class.
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    congratulations to you!!! That is great! I am just taking the one class N351 so if we are not in that exact class with the same instructor, at least the class is the same. Its all about AP formatting so you should invest in downloading AP style program. Are you doing orientation tomorrow morning?
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    All of my classes (nursing and general) have followed APA, so I'm very familiar with it already. Not looking forward to all the papers, but it is what it is.
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    I finished the program in Feb 2012, other than it"s cost, I would recommend it.
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