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So I have started the ball rolling for this program. Should be starting July 9th if everything works out. Anyone else taking the online RN-BSN?... Read More

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    Quote from JerseyGirl13
    As far as Humanities and History classes, I've had 3 advisors recommend these 2 classes: HIST415N - Vietnam and the 20th Century Experience, and HUMN 303N Introduction to Humanities. They said that students have mentioned that they found these to be the easiest as far as coursework and such. Just a thought for you all.
    Since I have another degree that darned history class is the last GE! Woot!!! I've taken so many socs classes in the past and they just didn't clear this one specifically. 2 GEs is all though for the whole BSN so I can't complain.

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    I just took transitions in nursing at chamberlain online, it was time consuming more hours spent than I expected how many hours can I expects for soc 350?
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    I am starting Chamberlain online Oct. 29th! I have 4 kids and I currently work part time. In my hospital its 3 shifts biweekly or 6 shifts a month. I do work night shift so I lose my first day because I nap and my last one on because I sleep! With my 4 kids schedules I am petrified after reading all the comments about the papers. I did get through nursing school when my 3rd was 3 months old and I was still nursing! So I am feeling like I can do this with 4 (agea 14, 11, 5 and 19 months!)!! I was thinkig about doing their RN-Bsn-masters which they said takes about 3 years as opposed to the 14 months for the BSN! Anyone else doing the combined RN-BSN-masters??
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    I am finishing up both Transitions and SOC 50. I didn't find Transitions as being demanding, it was more like busy-work. SOC 350 was the real challenge for me. There are several mini papers and essays and one large project that is due at the end. The course does have 2 quizzes that consist of multiple choice and essay questions. The essay questions require citations and references in APA formatting. The final exam is rather extensive, it is worth 245 points and consists of multiple choice and 5 essay questions. If I had a choice I would have taken this course by itself.
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    As it stands right now, I am just enrolled in the RN-BSN program. I am contemplating continuing on with the MSN bridge program, but I was told by my adviser that I can decide just before my last semester.
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    Gadgitgurl was the price reasonable??
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    Hi I just started chamberlain i am lost anyone feeling the same way. need a buddy.
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    It is expensive but the program is very highly rated and from several people that I consulted with, it is fast and has less hassle. The application and registration process was almost effortless.
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    Kuntanya, what courses are you taking now? The first 2-3 weeks were rough for me because I got registered late and didn't get to do the preview week. I got the hang of it in a couple of weeks and did very well in both the courses I took.
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    Good luck to you all. I just love all the positive feedback!!

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