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So I have started the ball rolling for this program. Should be starting July 9th if everything works out. Anyone else taking the online RN-BSN?... Read More

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    Gadgitgurl was the price reasonable??
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    Hi I just started chamberlain i am lost anyone feeling the same way. need a buddy.
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    It is expensive but the program is very highly rated and from several people that I consulted with, it is fast and has less hassle. The application and registration process was almost effortless.
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    Kuntanya, what courses are you taking now? The first 2-3 weeks were rough for me because I got registered late and didn't get to do the preview week. I got the hang of it in a couple of weeks and did very well in both the courses I took.
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    Good luck to you all. I just love all the positive feedback!!

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