Paying for Chamberlain 3-year BSN program as a SINGLE MOM!!

  1. So I'm going in for my interview next week at Chamberlain College of Nursing Atlanta and I was really excited about possible attending this school in May until I kinda got a feeling thatI should do more research on paying for it (instead of just think that I shouldn't worry about paying for it because the money is out there). So I asked a question on Yahoo about paying for school if my FAFSA EFC is 0000 and some of the answer kinda opened up my eyes and now i'm terrified that I may not be going to this school because I can't afford it. I have no prerequisites so I would have to do all 3 years and I'm also worried about being able to work while in school because I have been reading that the work load is hectic. Is there any one out there that has been in my shoes and have any words of advice, guidance or information that could help me. Because as much as I really really want to go to this school, I would hate to have to miss class next week to go to an interview and spend $95 on an application for a school I can't afford.
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  3. by   REECIEcup19
    If your FAFSA EFC is 0, you should be eligible for some type of financial aid. I attend the Atlanta campus, but I did my prereqs at another school so its a lot cheaper for me. I would look into some other schools for your prereqs instead of doing it all at Chamberlain. It'll be a lot cheaper.
  4. by   Yvillarreal05
    Yea that's the same reason I decided not to go to chamberlain, FASFA was not able to cover everything, fasfa was only giving me a certain amount, I had to get another loan out, but after thinking about and doing the math.. i decided not to, it was going to be too much money ( I was not taking the pre-reqs there since I already had all of them) i was just gonna go for the two years.. (btw I was already accepted to chamberlain to start Jan 7, 2013) If I would've known, I would of saved the $150 for the background check that i had to do with them..
  5. by   EJ_81
    I can't really speak on how much fasfa wld pay but I do know its around $84 or $85, 000 for their bsn prog. I went on a tour lasy Summer and fell I m love until insaw the bill :-/
    I don't remember them requiring any pre reqs however they will make u take A&P (as apart of their core courses) there which for whatever reason is split into four classes rather than the norm of three. I spoke with several Nurses who believe that their program is expensive but to look at them as a plan C or D if my first prog picks fall thru.
    I agree with the above posters, check Chamberlain's course schedule and take as many of their 'pre-reqs' as u can else where. Its certain to be affordable then...

    Good luck!

  6. by   Pixie.RN
    Any decision like this requires careful analysis, obviously. Things to consider are the job market in your area for RNs. Are there a bazillion nursing schools producing new grads that the market cannot absorb? Are you willing to pick up and move for a job opportunity? If you cannot find a job after school, will you be able to make your loan payments? It's a hefty investment and a gamble in today's job market. Not wanting to dissuade anyone, but the nursing profession is not the recession-proof entity that schools might lead you to believe. There was a recent article on CNN that is telling the world what we in nursing have realized for the last few years: For nursing jobs, new grads need not apply - Jan. 14, 2013. Nothing saddens me like seeing new grads with huge student loans who find themselves in the bind of being unemployed and facing student loan bills that have come due.

    Hopefully, OP, by the time you'd graduate and be job-hunting, things will have improved. I think they are improving in some areas, but not all. Chamberlain is an expensive school, but I did my RN-BSN through Chamberlain and I loved it! However, I had only 32 credits to complete and had annual education reimbursement from my hospital. I love the nursing profession and I hope you find your way to it if it is what you want to do. Best of luck!!

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