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So far I've gotten accepted to the Chamberlain College of nursing in Houston,TX for January 2013; since I am aiming to get my CRNA's I am worried if after i finished here at chamberlain I wont be able to transfer to another... Read More

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    Yvi, yes my friend graduated from there in the Addison campus n she loved it but her parents were paying for the majority of it. I think I'm just doing my ADN first n then get a job while I pay for my BSN

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    I'm currently attending CCN online RN-BSN/MSN and it is expensive. I got my ASN at a community college which was very affordable for me at the time. I went this route because I heard the statistics on how many new RNs leave the profession within the first year of licensed practice and I wanted to make sure I liked what was doing to stick with it for several years.

    I had planned to start my BSN after a year or 2 once I decided I wanted to stay in nursing. Many hospitals offer tuition reimbursement for nurses to further their education. I'm taking advantage of my hospital's program so I will not have to go into a lot of debt.

    Before shelling out 80-90K on a school please be sure that you really want to become a RN and make a long term career out of it. You should also be aware that many new nurses are having a hard time finding jobs; for some it is taking more than a year to find employment. That is something to consider since loan repayments start a few months after graduation.
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    Quote from WyndDrivenRain
    I graduated in 2010 from the RN-BSN completion program.

    Yes. I was accepted into the University of South Alabama and several other state and private school graduate programs. It was no problem. I loved Chamberlain and felt completely prepared for graduate school.
    Did you have any problems finding a job after completing the RN/BSN program from Chamberlain??

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