Chamberlain online RN to BSN March 2013 session

  1. Hello fellow RN-BSN students or prospective students! I thought I would start a new topic for the March session. I'm a new Chamberlain student and will be taking NR 351 Transitions in Professional Nursing to ease back into the role of student. Please join in the discussion!

    About myself: I have taken some on-line classes a few years back, mostly generals towards my BSN, and I found it difficult to juggle the load and work. I was taking 2 classes at a time in the traditional semester setting. I'm hoping Chamberlain's 8 week sessions work better for me. I did have some time management issues, but I'm optimistic now. I have my own office in my house and I've prepped it to be a place where I am comfortable and want to send time there.

    I need 11 courses to complete my BSN, and hope to do it in 12 months if I am able to manage 2 classes a session after this first class. I currently work full time in LTC, 12 hour day shifts. I am trying to get back into a hospital setting and have 3 years of Med-Surg experience but I am finding it difficult. I'm from the Indianapolis area where hospitals are now preferring BSN applicants. A local hospital network requires new hires to earn their BSN within 5 year I believe. My main goal is to be a FNP, but a BSN is my first stop.

    I don't have my books yet and that's making me a little nervous. I need to contact financial aid and see what the next step is. The student loan process is new to me as I earned my ADN at a little (and affordable) community college entirely on grants!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    For all of my courses at Chamberlain, I bought books used on eBay and Amazon. You can usually find great deals on textbooks if you look around a little bit. As long as you are diligent and don't procrastinate, these courses are do-able. I think 8 weeks is just about perfect, too. For the most part I took classes one at a time, but I did double up on a couple of the nursing courses as well as the gen eds I needed -- Econ and Cultural Diversity. It wasn't bad! I'm doing my MSN through another school, and these 15 week courses seem waaaaay too long. LOL

    Enjoy your experience! I loved Chamberlain.
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    Thank you for starting a new post! I too am starting this March 2013 and is very excited! I'm taking Transitions and Econ for my first term. I ordered my books already hoping to get some reading done before the term even starts. I hope the currents students can help us get thru this semester via this post. My fellow March 2013 students, feel free to message me. Let's get thru this together lol!
  5. by   RNdancer
    I'm all for support! I'm glad to find others in the program. I also ordered my books today, I hope they get here in time to do a little reading. I wonder if the syllabus is available before class starts, so we know where to start reading. It's been 6 years since I've been in school, so I'm nervous about writing papers again. I struggle with the formatting and citation.
  6. by   roseonye
    I am about to complete transition and a nursing elective and it is easy A. The books I rent. Its cheaper and I don't need more books in my home. Good luck. Its doable. March I will take 2 more Nursing classes because I am aiming to finish in October or November. I work 5days a week and do 8hr shift with a 22 month old at home.
  7. by   Shannon H
    I'm currently in the home stretch I have a history class and 3 more nursing classes and I'll be done. Woo Hoo. I always rented my needed text from Chegg, they were always cheaper than the bookstore and always had what I needed. If anyone has any advice for NR 449 and 451 I would greatly appreciate any help, resources etc. Also taking community health nursing in may will also take any advice or heads up anyone can give. Good luck to everyone just starting.
  8. by   kyrn40444
    What about later classes like assessment? How is the home work load ?
  9. by   roseonye
    I will be starting health assessment and nursing Informatics in March. How are the work load for those
  10. by   CoffeeGeekRN
    Informatics was too easy. I'm taking health assessment in March also and the workload doesn't look too bad.
  11. by   roseonye
    Thanks a lot for the reply because I am already preparing ahead with my papers, reading and post.
  12. by   rhughley
    Hello. I am currently a new student at Chamberlain. I am taking NR 351 this 8 weeks. Its been such a long time since I have been in school. I graduated in 2004. I hope I am able to keep up. I am i the March 2013 clas and it begins next week!
  13. by   sgudenkauf
    I also begin march 2013 with transitions and intro to humanities... Has anyone taken humanities?? I would like to know what the work load is like and what to prepare for.. @rhughley.. I have also been out of school for awhile and am nervous/anxious about all this!! Does anyone have their passwords from IT to get into classes for preview week?? Spoke to my advisor and she wasn't sure when we would get this.....may be the end of the week... Would really like to get prepared...
  14. by   finallyRN7
    Quote from GadgitGurlRN
    Informatics was too easy. I'm taking health assessment in March also and the workload doesn't look too bad.

    Was Informatics easier than Transitions or about the same? I've heard that Informatics is a lighter course, but I'm not sure what "light" entails. Thanks!