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Hello all, I was admitted into Chamberlain CON, Houston Campus for January 2013! I am elated! Just seeing if there are any others on this forum who will be sharing this experience with me!! :)... Read More

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    Quote from JessRN2be
    The process was about 2 months. That's from initial interview to getting accepted.
    How long was it after they received all of your information (transcripts, etc) did they invite you for an interview?

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    I have also been accepted to the Chamberlain School and ver excited
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    How is the financial aid? Do they help out a lot? If you don't mind me asking how do you guys who have been accepted plan on paying for school? Out of pocket? Loans? Grants? How many prereqs do you guys have to take there?
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    Financial Aid is contingent on many different factors such as if you already have a degree and how much you/your family can contribute based on your taxes. So i guess it depends on your own situation as to how much aid you will receive from the government.

    With FINAID, I still have a remaining balance, but I was expecting it so I have been working and saving so that I will be able to cover my remaining amount.

    I also plan on looking into outside scholarships, and maybe a work study program.
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    Thanks, I suspect I will have a remaining balance as well. I have been looking for scholorships, but have not found many that I qualify for. Maybe a handful, but I'm certainly going to apply for all of them, and keep searching.

    Loans scare me to death though, and I feel like I will need one. Any suggestions on the type of loan I should get?

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