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I didn't do too well at my community college. I have been taking prerequisite classes for BSN. Should I try applying at Chamberlain and try again if I get accepted? Or should I try again at the... Read More

  1. by   Endowed
    I would choose BSN over ADN.
  2. by   Endowed
    Quote from starlightmoon
    Can someone give me advice if I should just go finish my asn in the community college, or transfer for next semester into Chamberlain? Please let me know thank you.
    I would choose BSN over ADN.
    Why would I want to go the ADN route when I will spend about 2 years or more (gwinnett tech) instead of a university where it will take me 3 years or less if you transfer your college credits. I was told that I can transfer up to 70 credit hours, which is the maximum allowed. I will however, take as many classes as I can in my current college to beat down the cost.
    I was also given the Chamberlain 1st year curriculum to work with as an optional prerequisite. This means I will be admitted into the second year and complete my bsn in two years.
    That's enough savings you know?
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    Hello there! I am thinking of applying to AZ for 2016. How was your experience at Chamberlain? Did you feel prepared for the NCLEX? How was it finding a job? Thank you so much!