Chamberlain Economics class

  1. 0 hi guys. i am ccurently in chamberlain online rn-bsn which i started in jan this year. I am taking transition and nursing history and i am almost done. Now i am registered for econ class. my question is how is the class? can i take another class with it? thanks
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    I took Econ with another class -- I think the Diversity one, maybe? -- and it was a lot of work for me to do both, only because I was a total Econ idiot and the first few weeks of it was like learning a foreign language. It was do-able, though. I worked full-time while doing Chamberlain's RN-BSN and still managed a 4.0.
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    LunahRN you are my chamberlain hero, seriously. thanks for your reply.
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    By far , Chamberlain's/DeVry University Economics is a definite make or break class ,and I couldn't wait to tell anyone who would listen all about it. Before, I go any further , I earned an A for the class. But the word ,"Challenge " has no place here ,and I am so greatful that I had an off site tutor. Let me add , that by the time, my class had made it to Mid Term it appeared that so many were not going to make it. Matter of fact, our instructor sent out a statement on the class forum that resembled a state of panic. Imagine trying to learn Quantum Physics ( without a physics background ) in seven weeks. Good Luck !

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