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Hi, I'm currently a pre-nursing student at Florida International University aka FIU in Miami Fl. I'm looking for other nursing schools to apply to because I really don't feel that I'm going to get... Read More

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    I am s=also looking at chamberlain in Miramar and am also moving down there if I get accepted there. Did you get in??
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    I am currently waiting to hear back from the Columbus, OH Chamberlain location. I would be moving from California. I am hoping to get some more information about the OH location. I have read a lot of horrible things about it, but also some good. Can you give me some feedback on your experience? Good and bad, please
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    I know I'm giving this a long shot considering the time frame but worth a shot lol I plan on applying to chamberlain for the fall term coming up how is it like ? I have credits from Mdc so I would only need 2 years for the bachelors how's the experience with finding a job ? Thank you
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    Hey melissah416 I also plan to apply to chamberlain for the fall term and I also have some credits form mdc, I already went to talk to an advisor, and I have 47 credits that can be transferred
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    That's good to know someone in my same predicament since you have credits to be transferred did they tell you how much the BSN would be out of pocket ? Do u qualify for financial aid or grants ? I do but I know it won't be enough to cover it I want to give broward another shot but I'm afraid of the waiting I just want to start and have heard good things about chamberlin are u taking the Hesi anytime soon ? @dalia.leyva
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    I was also looking into west coast university in doral they have about the same program as chamberlin I just want to keep my options open
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    Hey the advisor told me that the total will be around 40,000 to 45,000. I think I qualified for financial aid since I have it for the mdc. He did not told me anything about that. I actually apply for the mdc medical campus but I don't know if they will accept me yet. So that is why I have like a plan b just in case mdc medical campus does't get me. I am planning to do the hesi on july, I did the hesi for the mdc and got a 73 and chamberlain requires at least a 75. Anyways they told me that I have to take the hesi again it does not matter if you took it in another college.
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    Well that's not that bad considering the whole program is like 90000 lol and I know I applied to broward but was considered an alternate I took the Hesi too so I am a little prepared when I called them they said you don't need a 75 on each section you just need a 75 overall which is good because you can do really good in a few sections and it won't hurt you if you do bad in others. I'm not so good in chemistry that's why lol I noticed the program starts in August and then the next 8 weeks there is one that starts in the end of October. I want to do the one in the end of October since I'm applying to broward again if I don't get in and we find out in October for the January 2017 term lol I'm also planning to take the Hesi for chamberlin in July