Chamberlain college of nursing

  1. Hey guys! I just recently looked into Chamberlain as an option for me to obtain my BSN. Does anyone recommend that school?! I'm open for pros and cons but I'd prefer hearing from someone in the program or someone whose graduated from chamberlain. Thanks!!!
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  3. by   dawno
    I would like information too. I'm considering that school if I don't get into the university that I'm trying for.
  4. by   KAC123
    Same here! I'm waiting for a response from another school but I need a back-up plan! What chamberlain campus are you loOking at?!
  5. by   yesterdayschild
    chamberlain just came to my area and i'm interested as well... hopefully someone out there has experience!
  6. by   Holdsteady11
    Chamberlain is a for-profit school owned by DeVry. It's more pricey than most BSN programs because they expect you to take all the "pre-req.'s" there. For profit schools do not have the best reputation for quality of education..
  7. by   KAC123
    I've heard that about chamberlain. Luckily I will not have to take my pre reqs there because I've already taken them. To my surprise, all of them transferred over to chamberlain! Have you had experience in their program or know anyone who has?
  8. by   Colleen2014
    A classmate told me about this school today so I am going to look into it. I hope I do not have to take things over and they accept my credits from Broward College
  9. by   KAC123
    I recently went to talk to an admission counselor at Chamberlain. I was worried that my credits wouldn't transfer over from the community college I'm at now. A few days later I received an email showing me exactly what credits transferred and which ones didn't.
    I was very pleased to see that all of my classes transferred over!
    You should have no problem with that!

    What campus are you looking at?
  10. by   dawno
    I'm looking at the Houston campus and I'm going to the open house on the 8th. Also, I'm taking all of my prerequisites at a community college. This is solely a back up plan for me. Hopefully I'll just get into the university and won't have to spend an extra $40,000 for a BSN!!!
  11. by   Colleen2014
    We have a campus in Miramar Florida that I will be looking into.
  12. by   KAC123
    [font=times]yup totally agree! the cost of college alone is insane, but the cost of the chamberlain bsn program is just ridiculous! i find it to be way over priced!! i guess it is what it is though : (

    good luck to you! i hope you get into the university you want to get into! im hoping the same for myself... not having to spend that extra cash sure would be nice : )
  13. by   KAC123
    Well good luck!
  14. by   Colleen2014
    Thanks and good luck to you all!