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I was wondering if anyone has been accepted into this program. I just took the HESI and received a 84% and I have 3.235 GPA. Should I be worried that I'm not going to make it in to the program at all?... Read More

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    I applied to STL location

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    ok sooooooo!!! i just got my acceptance letter for Joliet Junior College Nursing Program! I would start in the fall. So now I'm contemplating on either staying close to home and getting an associates in nursing or following through with Chamberlain and going for my BSN. Pros and Cons: At JJC I would be saving a ton more of money seeing as is it a community college (Might i add I've been waiting a whole 3 admission cycles to get in!!). But it is the same time 2 years at JJC, 2 years 4 months at Chamberlain . JJC is an associates, Chamberlain is a BSN. JJC is 15mins from my house, Chamberlain is and hour and some depending on traffic. JJC has a daycare that I can try to get my son into. Chamberlain does not. Clinical sites for JJC are 5 mins away from my house at St Joes Hospital. Chamberlain would probably be farther away in the Chicagoland are, a lot farther for me.....
    I do eventually want to get my BSN and 2 yrs 4 months sounds AWESOME for a BSN compared to 2 years for an now I don't know which is the best choice for me..
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    Congratulations. For me, I will judge by the number of credits I have available to transfer to Chamberlain. If my Junior college offer's me admission today, I will go for you because I will own $0. but Chamberlain curriculum is a good deal as well. I will find out how much it cost to have BSN after associate and then compare the prices. I think Chamberlain is a good offer. Plus I am looking forward to meeting kidding
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    lol Yea i was looking at the cost of doing my associates at the junior college and then going to Chamberlain for their RN to BSN program and it comes out to be (I'm estimating) about 10-12,000 less...but in a little more time than if i went through Chamberlains. I don't know it a real hard decision right now because I was looking forward to going to Chamberlain. I have about a week to think about it, so we'll see!! and i know for a fact that if i focused my time on studying for the HESI then without a doubt I would be able to score over 75% and get into chamberlain this summer. so much thinking to do...
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    I decided that my junior college is a better fit for me right now. Its alot closer and cheaper and ill be closer to my son seeing how nursing school will keep me busy enough as it is. Those extra two hr drives I can spend studying or playing with my son lol. I was starting to look forward to Chamberlain but this is better for me at the of luck to you!
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    The academic Calendar says there is a may 2 start in stl... Is this not true?
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    On the math portion of Hesi was there a lot of conversions? Or mainly fractions, decimals... basic math?
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    Is anyone else set to start for the October session besides me? Lol I haven't heard anything from anyone else but I am scheduled to do background and drug on Aug 6th.
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    The wait is almost over!!!
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    I'm starting the october session in october! I just finished my drug and background screen yesterday! I'm so excited.

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