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has anyone attended or is currently attending chamberlain college of nursing in atlanta? if so, how is it? any info would be greatly appreciated. i am currently attending a technical college and have done all of my pre requisites... Read More

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    Lol we wouldn't blame you if you do. I would be the same way. If you don't register tomorrow I would definitely have words with somebody.

    And I think me, you , and Jsayers are the ones with orientation at 3 tomorrow. We should exchange numbers or something so we can meet up.

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    That came out all correct
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    LOL @ akilah...yeah..."nut up" lol. I grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. lol.

    @ dalencia I'll send my number to u and Jsayers inbox
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    Dalencia thanks for the heads up I checked some of mine out so nervous and excite have nso tmw so hoping to meet lots of new people tmw and learn lots about school
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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to the site and I've actually found it pretty helpful to getting answers quickly. I will be taking the HESI next month for the Atlanta campus. Just wanted to know how long it takes for them to respond after. Also, does anyone know if they accept Patho and NR 222 from other institutions.

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    Hey lady's and gents just wanted to say was nice to see everyone today and excited for the journey that we are all about to start together
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    Sorry I missed u orientation isn't until Thursday. How was it
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    How was orientation?
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    I was wondering the same thing.
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    Orientation was good. We got our ID badges and a goody bag. The president of the campus and other faculty members talked to us about the school and everything. That was about it. It was a little long lol but I enjoyed it.

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