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okay, so I was just filling out my fafsa for chamberlain, and I noticed that the graduation rate is ONLY 11%?!?!?!?! This is a huuuuuuuuuuge concern to me now... Anyone know why?... Read More

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    Me too! I loved it. It was all online ( I did the RN -BSN ). I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to do the work to get it done
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    I'm in the RN to BSN program now and I will finish in May... I have been extremely happy with the program!! It is very manageable if you are working full-time too!!
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    There are a couple of interesting links you can check for info:

    Chamberlain College of Nursing | US News

    Student Consumer Information

    Yes, Chamberlain has been around since 1889 -- it was originally founded as the Deaconess School of Nursing. DeVry bought the school in 2005 and changed the name in 2006. Many of the BSN campuses are pretty new, so you won't find grad rates for many of them for a period of time -- they haven't graduated anyone yet! LOL. Personally, I only worry about my own graduation rate ... it's 100%.
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    Quote from LunahRN
    Personally, I only worry about my own graduation rate ... it's 100%.
    Agreed. I graduated from chamberlain RN-BSN in 2010 and it was a great program. I'm doing my MSN-NP right now at another school and since Chamberlain is starting a DNP program soon, I hope to go back there to complete the DNP. I thought it was a great program. You get out what you put in.
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    Quote from WyndDrivenRain
    I'm doing my MSN-NP right now at another school and since Chamberlain is starting a DNP program soon, I hope to go back there to complete the DNP. I thought it was a great program. You get out what you put in.
    Oh, really?? I'd love to go back to Chamberlain again. Where are you doing your NP?
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    Chamberlain is starting a DNP program!!???? Omg that would be greeaatttt!!!!
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    I just think many of you should be aware that many schools with a High NCLEX-RN pass rate are known for bullying students out of their program. Same goes at community colleges. Schools would like to graduate only competent Nurses. So they make it hard. It shouldn't be easy! You will be spending your career with the lives of others in your hands. My sister went to our local community college for her ADN when I was only in grammar school. However, I won't forget the stories she came home with about professors making students cry and encouraging them to quit, saying things like "You'll never make it. You should just quit now." This kind of behavior is completely uncalled for. However, I do not believe that requiring students to pass an exit exam is so bad. In any situation I have heard of, if you don't pass it, you study and take it again. The point then is to study. Pass your exit exam. If you don't pass the NCLEX, you aren't going to be a Nurse. An "Exit Exam" is actually a helpful tool that can help you pass the test that matters. I work in the medical field. I work around many Nurses. I work with new grads, seasoned nurses, nursing teachers, other techs (my job) in nursing school, and even some techs that just graduated. Anyone I have met whom attended chamberlain say its a great school if you are willing to do the work... And honestly, look up the tuition for most other BSN programs. Many private and state schools are much higher. For some insight, I work with three people who just graduated- One from a Catholic college- required an exit exam- which was passed. This person then passed boards on the first try! However, word on the street is, please stay away from the Nursing Program at ITT Tech. This is advice from previous students. Its for-profit, requires an exit exam, and students still have a hell of a time passing the NCLEX. I don't know anyone who has attended chamberlain who hasn't graduated or who hasn't passed the NCLEX. Maybe the programs in my area have better teachers? Idk. As someone previously said, you need to put it what you want to get out of it. If you don't study hard enough you will not pass the exit exam- proving that maybe you aren't ready for the NCLEX- which you are going to need to study very hard to pass. You don't learn to know your stuff, You aren't going to be a Nurse. However, given that many of the GEN-EDs involved in the program are offered at community colleges, you may want to consider taking these first anyway (at the lower price). Then when you start, its all Nursing classes and you can focus on that.
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    i have been following pixie rn since excelsior so i know she isn't a chamberlain plant on these pages, i am also an excelsior grad and am in the chamberlain rn- bsn program with 5 classes to go. It is not an easy program, nursing education is not easy, but it is doable and offers a good solid education that you will use and can be proud of and yes it does transfer. As another poster mentioned you do need to use your writing skills, but this is college.
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    As a current, almost graduate RN, student of Chamberlain I believe that the graduation rate has to do with the admissions processes. Chamberlain pretty much has an open admission process. If you can meet their minimum requirements to enter the program chances are 99% that you will get admitted to the program. With that being said, this accelerated 3-year BSN prgram is fast paced and requires dedication, organization and determination. While many students are admitted into the program, many of them lack these three things. They expect the program to be easy and put in little effort. Therefore they flunk out of the program. As far as the schools for-profit status, I can agree that they are focused on the money. Thus, the number of admissions that they do in a year. However, I will disagree with some of the comments that they are only worried about the money. The teachers are the ones that teach the classes, not the organization. The teachers have truly all about the success of each student, but there are simply some students that don't do their fair share, expect a free ride, or simply can't handle the pace of the program. If you have read this entire thread you will notice that the majority of those that did not like the program either failed out of the programs, failed classes which resulted in their delayed graduation, or only focus on the for-profit status. This has been one of the best school experiences that I have every had, and I look forward to my upcoming graduation date.

    I hope that this information is helpful to those that are still on the fence.
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    Can their classes and Clinicals be done in the evening because I work FT?
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    Quote from Athompson2
    Can their classes and Clinicals be done in the evening because I work FT?
    No, it's a full-time program. I don't believe they have that option. You should contact the school to make sure, but from what I have heard, it would be difficult to work full-time and attend Chamberlain.