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    Quote from dublea305
    ive been accepted to start october 29 and im so excited. i go to orientation tomorrow. i want to know if anyone here is a current student in the miramar, fl campus.
    This thread is for the Addison, IL campus. Not sure if there is one for your site. Same school though Congrats on getting in!

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    Quote from stephanne
    Does Chamberlain have actual real patient clinicals? Or is it all simulation?
    Just like all other nursing schools, Chamberlain has clinicals at various facilities that correspond to the classes you take there. But the added bonus is that Chamberlain has high-tech simulation labs that students go into about once a month (if I remember right from their open house....) This gives you extra practice without the stress of working on a real person. So its easier to work out the kinks in your skills. Its really awesome!! If you go to an open house you're able to see the sim-lab and they demonstrate how they work for you.
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    I saw a little bit of this today with the admission coordinator.
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    I'm a chamberlain student, love the school! Sim lab takes place of one of your clinical rotations so you have sim lab ONCE a session and the rest are clinicals (that's as far as I know for med/surge which is when you start sim lab). So most of your experience except for fundamentals which is just regular mannequins not high tech sim is mostly clinical.
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    Can someone tell me the grading scale of chamberlain? They keep changing the scales and now Im confused..!!

    I know that 92 is an A-
    94 - A+

    can someone tell me the rest?? Thanks a bunch!!!

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