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    I totally understand the feeling. I felt like I was getting ulcers because the wait was so stressful. I really like it here so far. I've only had 2 nursing classes and finished my 2 gen Ed's I didn't complete at my other school. The nursing teachers are very helpful. I'm so excited (but a little nervous) to start my cohorts in a couple weeks! I hear the first 2 ( patho/funds/ health assessment and med/surg/pharm) are difficult but I'm up for the challenge! Hope you get good news this week!
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    Good luck in your cohort!!! I'm just getting out of the cohort you're going into! Stay focused, not at all like 101 or 222! But it's so much fun!
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    Thanks pamski! I noticed on the textbook website that we need ALOT of books for next session. Did you use all the suggested books for health assessment, patho, and funds? I understand we need the main text book but the extra study guide books, nursing diagnosis, med terminology, clinical calculations, medical dictionary, drug guide, or diagnostic & lab test ref? It seems like alot of material which further enhances my nerves for this session...
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    I still use everything BUT the extra study guides. Total waste of money.
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    Okie doke! Thank you! I just wanted to start comparing prices on books il need!
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    Does Chamberlain have actual real patient clinicals? Or is it all simulation?
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    You actually have more clinicals than simulation at chamberlain.
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    Im in! got the call 5 mins into a 8 hr shift (the longest 8 hrs of my life)
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    Thanks! Someone told me they didnt! Only did the sim labs.
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    ive been accepted to start october 29 and im so excited. i go to orientation tomorrow. i want to know if anyone here is a current student in the miramar, fl campus.

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