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    Congrats jade18!!

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    Does anyone know when new student orientation is? If so did you get an email?
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    Jade18 congrats!!!!
    Orientation is Wednesday 5pm-8. I can't believe we start so soon!
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    Thank you!! I know it's right around the corner.
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    Thanks guys! I didn't know orientation was on Wednesday!?!? I scheduled my meetings for tomorrow and Wednesday morning. What classes are you guys taking? I can't wait to start!
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    Hi, I'm also in for this summer! I'm so excited to start. I hope to see you guys on Orientation tomorrow. What classes are you guys taking in July? I'm taking two online classes and Nur 101 on Thurs 8am. Hope I get to meet you.
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    Hey rxnrocha! I'm talking NR 101, NR 222 and ENG 117. I register tomorrow so I don't know the times of my classes yet.
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    See you tomorrow at orientation!
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    Hi guys!
    So excited for tomorrow! I'm taking NR 101, NR222 and NR281/282. I will also find out my schedule tomorrow.
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    does anyone know if we are gonna need a stethoscope for fundamentals i, patho i, or health assessment i labs?

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