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    Also, there are no pre-req's for this school.

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    Quote from Reese2012
    For those of you that go here, how was the HESI exam? What is on it? How well do you have to do in order to be accepted into the program? How high of a GPA do you need to be admitted?

    What are the pre-req's for getting into this school? I currently have a BA already and I am looking into the Second BSN degree. Have completed Biology, and Chemistry Spring semester going to take Anatomy I and Microbiology

    How many days are you in classroom, and how many days are you in clinical? Are clinicals during the week or on the weekend as well? Where are clinicals located? Do you get to choose your schedule? Also, do they have an evening program or just during the day? I am asking because I would like to work a few days a week, but need to find out what would be better for me.

    When is the next enrollment? How long does it take to hear if you have been accepted or not?

    Thank you for your response.

    Since someone else already answered your Hesi questions I'll answer everything else.
    How many days you are in the classroom depends on the class and the semester. The further you get into the program the longer your days become. I'm only in school 3 days a week but my days start at 8 am and end around 6pm. When you start clinicals you might be in school 4-5 days depending on whether you get a 12 hour clinical shift or two 6 hour shifts.

    There are no nursing classes during the weekend and most don't go past 6 or 7 pm. I don't think there are any night classes but I might be wrong. Clinicals are all over the place. You don't get to pick where you want to go. Some people I know only have to drive a half hour and others drive an hour to two hours. Your clinical sites change every semester so you might be lucky and get one close by one semester and get one further the next.

    You sort of are able to pick your schedule. When you first start you can but when it comes to classes with labs and clinicals you can only pick cohorts. What that means is they give you about 12-15 options of schedules and you can pick whichever ones you wouldn't mind having (doesn't mean you will get that one though).

    As for working, it is more possible to do that earlier in the program. With projects, homework, and tests it can become very hectic really fast. Nursing school is tough and you never get a break from studying. I know some people who were doing great up until fundamentals, health assessment, and pathophysiology because that's when you begin to have a lot of information to learn and a lot of the time you have multiple tests in one week. A lot of people I know failed or are currently doing horrible in these classes because they don't have time to study a lot with work. It isn't like that for everybody, though. Some people I know are working almost full time and getting decent grades. You just have to know your study habits and what you can and can't handle.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you for replying to my post. I have another question for you. I am going for the second degree program at Chamberlain and I just got off the phone with an advisor. She told me that there are two different entrance tests. If I were to go in the second degree program I am required to take a computer test. I asked what was on the computer test, and she said it was just to navigate on a computer to see how well I would do.

    Has anyone else taken this computer exam to get into the second degree BSN program? I have seen many people take the HESI, but appearently that is not required for the second degree program
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    Has anyone applied recently for the Spring 2012 BSN program? I got everything in by the 12th, and my adviser said it takes 2 to 16 weeks to find out if you're accepted. I'm just hoping to hear that people will start getting news before January. I have to stay as a full-time student and I would hate to pay for and begin classes, and then have to drop them if I am accepted after January.
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    Does anyone know chamberlain's grading system? What will happen If you don't get a 76% in the class? For my NR 222 class, we've 3 presentations and 2 articles to do. But on the ecollege, it said those are excluded from the course grade, then what's the point of doing those? Do they add those grades If you don't get a 76% in the class? or those don't count at all?
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    You need to get a 76% average on your tests in order to pass the class. The projects are extra points. Once you got a 76% or above then they will add in the other points. Let's say all 3 of your tests averaged to a 90%. You passed the class so then they will add the other points and your grade can go up to a 92% or however much. Let's say all 3 of your tests averaged to a 75%. This means that you failed the class and even if you got a 100% on all your projects you still failed. The projects cannot raise your grade if you did not get a 76% average on your tests.

    By the way, they do not round...even if you have a 75.9% average. This is why it is important to take the class seriously from the beginning. If you fail your first two tests there is a very high possibility you will not pass the class even if you come very close to a 76.
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    Has anyone who applied for the Spring 2012 semester heard from Chamberlain??? Seems odd that I only know of ONE person who has heard from the admissions office......
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    I was accepted into spring..
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    Woo! I was accepted! Good luck to everyone!
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    What book are you guys using to study for the hesi? There seems to be a few different ones, thanks in advance!

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