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  1. by   aggiexpooh
    This school is fully accredited and students that have graduated from here end up working in some top notch hospitals like Northwestern and Central Dupage. We get a lot of top notch clinical sites as well.
    Yes, the tuition is expensive, but so are the other universities! $20,000 for UIC and over $30,000 for Loyola and even more for Elmhurst! So all these schools are in the same boat as Chamberlain, and all their tuitions go up yearly! Dont let the for-profit part fool u, all schools are for-profit! Thats why theres something called tuition!

    It is an easy school to get into, but it is a very tough program. It will not be a walk in the park; we lost half of our students because of Med Surg and Critical Care is just about the same.
  2. by   laura72812
    I am freaking out over the chemistry portion of the exam. I have not had any chemistry for over 10 years. Any tips on what's on it and what i can expect and what to study.
  3. by   jade18
    Hi laura72812, I'm guessing that you are asking about the entrance exam? Some of the things on the chemistry portion include the following: stoichiometry, scientific notation, metric system, periodic table, chemical equations, acids/bases, oxidation/ reductions. It really helps if you buy the review book! Good luck!
  4. by   aggiexpooh
    Just pick up a basic chemistry book at high school level and study from that, u can prob find one in the library. If theres a HESI book out there with a chem section, then even better!
  5. by   asalin5
    I was talking with my admission advisor for a while now and all of a sudden she switched positions and is no longer an advisor...made me pretty upset that they didnt even notify the people she was helping. My voicemail and emails i left her were not even repsonded to. I have an appointment with **** **** but its not till about 2 weeks and I have questions I want to try and get answered now while trying to apply for some gen ed courses at College of Dupage.
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  6. by   littleone77
    Quote from asalin5
    I was talking with Angela Defreitas as my admission advisor for a while now and all of a sudden she switched positions and is no longer an advisor...made me pretty upset that they didnt even notify the people she was helping.
    That's another problem I have with this school. They are constantly getting new advisers. I have probably had 6 different advisers since I started at that school. Also, when one adviser has to many student they just give you an appointment with another adviser which sucks because they have no idea what is going on and you have to bring them up to date with everything.
  7. by   ruprtxb
    I just want to say how much I love Chamberlain and the Addison location. I see a few negative reviews on here, and I feel like people should hear how amazing my experience has been along with many of my peers. The school is gaining a lot of attention and there are many more applicants and they are adjusting to this. The application process isn't going to be perfect. That being said, I found their advisors to be so much more helpful than any other school I have attended or tried to attend.

    As far as the actual schooling goes, it is not easy. You will not be handed a grade, but I am confident in saying that we are given every single piece of material and reference we need to suceed. I am a straight A student and I have never been this before. No, it is not because chamberlain is easier than other schools, it's because I enjoy what I am learning, I work my ass off, I pay attention and take great notes, I read the book, I go to open lab, I ask endless questions, I have a student tutor, and I use my resources given to me. I hear a lot of students complain about their grades and the teachers, but when I ask them if they read or are getting help they tell me no. Again, you have to work your ass off this will not be handed to you and if you want to be a great nurse one day you'll understand that.

    The teachers so far are absolutely amazing and intelligent. I am mesmerized by them and want to be a reflection of them when I am a nurse.

    you will love this school, it is so worth whatever trouble you may have in the application process. If you put the effort in you will be so happy I can not stress enough how glad I am that I did not choose another school. Please give Chamberlain a chance, if you are passionate and are willing to work hard then this is the school for you. There will be bumps in the road but that is OK and it is how you learn. You will never feel alone in your education and there will ALWAYS be someone willing to guide you and be there for you when you are failing or when you need help with skills or when you have personal issues that are causing a lot of stress.

    This is a great school, if you are having doubts call Dean ****, she is so inspirational and this school is her baby she will restore your faith in nursing shool and in Chamberlain.
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  8. by   tnbutterfly

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  9. by   Altima1234
    I was wondering if anyone has take NUR 222 and if you have would it be a good idea to take Econ 312 and Soc. 350 both online with it? Or will it be to much to take in one session?
  10. by   littleone77
    Econ is a little difficult and I would not recommend taking it online. It's only easier because you don't have to go to lecture and you take the quizzes online, but I think some of the material is difficult and hard to learn if you aren't there. A lot of the people that I know that took it online didn't do as well as the ones that actually went to class. Also, nursing 222 is your first real nursing class and I guess you can say its tough because the tests are different from what you have been used to your whole life, so I would not recommend taking it with 222, med surg, or fundamentals patho and health assessment. Soc 350 on the other hand is an easy class and whether or not you take it online or go to class you will be fine taking it with 222. Econ can always wait. You can wait to take it with peds/ob or ever later than that with mental health.
  11. by   Altima1234
    Does anyone know how NUR 222 is and how much time a week you have to put into it? How are the tests?
  12. by   twins_may27
    Hello everyone! I took my test a few weeks ago hoping to get into the Oct. term. I got a 82% on my A2 (100% on my grammer but a 76 avg. on all my sciences. Go figure.) My GPA at CLC is a 3.4 and Im in Phi Thete Kappa, so what do you think my chances are? Also, I would be using my GI Bill, so any info on that would be great too. Thanks!
  13. by   pamski0069
    I think you have a great chance to get in!! A lot of people that I know who are in the program now had similar scores. However, just keep in mind that it does depend on how competitive the other people applying are. But I think you have a great chance! Good job and good luck!!!!

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