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Hi, I'm currently a pre-nursing student at Florida International University aka FIU in Miami Fl. I'm looking for other nursing schools to apply to because I really don't feel that I'm going to get accepted into FIU. So I did some... Read More

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    i recently received the email today stating i was accepted into chamberlain BSN in miramar starting October 29. i wanted to know if anyone who has started the program can share their experience.
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    I am applying to the school to be accepted for the January 7th class. I am sending in all my official transcripts. As soon as they receive all the transcripts I can take the HESI A2 exam. How is the exam? From my understanding they only weigh the math, reading and English? Also what study guide did you use?
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    Samyart307: I took my test on November 24 and i passed! I start school january 7th as well. I used the Admission Assesment Exam Review edition 3. It was a great study guide. Good luck on your test.
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    Hello every one, I was home schooled and I have a high school equivalency diploma...its not a high school diploma but it is from a regionally accredited high school since i received after 18 years of age. I have my transcripts for it and it is registered with the department state of education. I know it is accepted at all community you think chamberlain would have a problem with this type of diploma? "adult high school equivalency certificate" It is the same as the GED except higher scores are needed to pass.
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    JOEYFutureARNP: After you did the exam how long did you wait to get accepted?
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    hello everyone

    I am so excited to be starting chamberlain nursing jan 7! miramar campus! I've heard nothing but great things about this school except the fact that its a bit pricey :-/ good luck to everyone that's starting the process and going to take the Hesi exam it's not hard so Dnt stress out because that's exactly what I did.. Good luck everyone..
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    Hello everyone!

    I've been on this site before when applying to other schools but I've finally been accepted to a school, Chamberlain, and wanted to see if anyone had posted anything. Glad I found this! I'm also starting in January! About 50 of my pre-reqs were transferred in so all I have left to do before the actual nursing courses are the transition to nursing, logic, and two other classes I believe.

    I'm so excited and looking forward to the New Student Orientation next week!

    Good luck to anyone else applying!
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    Hi everyone,

    I am also starting in January! I can't wait for it!
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    Hey guys, I am a chamberlain hopeful and I just have a question. I've never used student loans or any financial aid before, so HOW am I supposed to pay for this school? The cost is terrifying, but I love the school and really want to attend. How are you guys planning on paying for it?
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    I received the call today that I was accepted!!! I am sooooo excited! I hope to see you all in class if we have the same schedule. Good luck to everyone!