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I was wondering if anyone has been accepted into this program. I just took the HESI and received a 84% and I have 3.235 GPA. Should I be worried that I'm not going to make it in to the program at all?... Read More

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    I took my at college of lake county.

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    Good luck to you as well!
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    Ok...So my application was checked. I was accepted into the program. Way to go. I will start in summer after I finish my classes at my current college.
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    For the stl campus? Do you know when the summer classes start?
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    Am in for Chicago campus..October 29 is the next start date for stl. Chicago starts on July 9.
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    Yaaay! Congratulations! !! They already received my application and they said they'll contact me after the holiday wknd for the nxt step....the HESI!
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    The summer semester starts July 9th in Saint Louis also but it is full the STL location is now only accepting apps for the October session
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    Good to know you are making progress with your application. I am studying now to take Math placement.
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    To be placed into statistics? I'm taking that right now, I looved math til now. And it doesn't help that its an online statistics course.
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    Yes. I had Statistics transferred. However, I still have to take college Algebra. The 2 are required at Chamberlain. I applause you for taking Statistics online. I am taking life span and SOC online now and I find it hard. I like the traditional teaching in the class.

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