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    Hi everyone!

    I got accepted into the spring 2012 program starting in January! Can anyone give me some insight on the school.. I have some questions.

    1) How many people commute? I live about 35 minutes you think this will be hard to do with the work load?

    2) does anyone know of anyone living around the campus looking for a roommate?

    3) how is the work load? Is it impossible to do or manageable?

    4) Is it exhausting being in school all year round?

    I just want to make sure I am fully preparing myself for all this school entails! Thank you so much!!

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    Congrats!!!! Chamberlain is an awesome school. I'm in med/surge next session. The work load is intense however, every nursing program is. I commute 45 minutes and its totally fine. You need to read. And if you can for funds, patho, health assessment semester and med/surge and pharm semester if possible lower work hours.
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    Thank you for the insight! I really appreciate it : ) One more, how many days a week are you in school and how many days a week are you doing clinicals?
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    No problem! Well for funds patho and health assessment you are in school 4 days a week session A. Session B is 4 days with one 8 hour clinical. Med/surge session A in class two days a week with one 12 hr clinical or two 6 hour clinical.It is hard going all year round, but I wouldn't do it any other way, once you're out of study mode it's hard to get back in! And it goes by really fast.... Seriously.
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    Wow...thats not bad at all!! I was expecting to be in school like 7 days a week haha. Thank you again! I hope I see you around campus sometime! I have facebook if you'd like to become friends : )
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    Yes! Me too ill private message you!! It's a great school, the teachers are wonderful. It's almost like you are in school 7 days though lol all the work you have to do. Mostly through those two semesters like I had said before.
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    It won't let me email unless I have participated in. 15 different topics soooo my first name is Jacqueline and then my last name is in my user name starting with the f. Hopefully you find me!
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    Hey, can congrats on getting in! Im still waiting to here if I did or not. When did you hear and did you get a call or a letter? Who was your adviser?
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    Hi twins_may,

    I'm a student at chamberlain and I'm about to start my fund/health assessment/ patho courses in the next semester. I started in July and I completely understand your anticipation for your acceptance. I received a phone call before I got a letter. I got my phone call the day before orientation after waiting about a month. So I'm sure it varies based on when your advisor submitted your application to the committee. My advice is to contact your advisor because from my experience everyone hears their decision at different times. Good luck! I hope you get accepted!
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    Thank you very much and congrats on getting in. Its been about a month but feels like a year! And I think it would have gotten submitted later had I not called my advisor (he didnt realize that he had all of my paperwork!!!). So hopfully everything else will run more smoothly. How do you like it so far?

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