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    Does anyone know how NUR 222 is and how much time a week you have to put into it? How are the tests?

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    Hello everyone! I took my test a few weeks ago hoping to get into the Oct. term. I got a 82% on my A2 (100% on my grammer but a 76 avg. on all my sciences. Go figure.) My GPA at CLC is a 3.4 and Im in Phi Thete Kappa, so what do you think my chances are? Also, I would be using my GI Bill, so any info on that would be great too. Thanks!
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    I think you have a great chance to get in!! A lot of people that I know who are in the program now had similar scores. However, just keep in mind that it does depend on how competitive the other people applying are. But I think you have a great chance! Good job and good luck!!!!
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    Thank you! I really hope I do get in, I have a lot riding on this. I hate to saying this, but Im hoping that me being a male, older then that avg. student (33) and that Im a vet will get me in there too. I need any edge I can get. How have you liked being a student there?
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    I love it. It's a great school, however very challenging like every other nursing program. I have some advice, when you get into your nursing classes cut down on hours at work if you can. especially through your funds, patho, health assessment semester (youll be at school 4 days session A, session B youre there 4 days and clinical adding up to 5 days total) and your med/surge, pharm. semester. It's really upsetting to see a lot of amazing students not make it because it is extremely time consuming and the tests are difficult. Did you apply to the Addison location?
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    The classes at this school are really a lot of work, I would agree to cut down ur hours to part time if you are currently full time. I currently only work one 12 hr shift a week and really needed the time esp. for the patho/fundamentals bundle and for med surg because those classes required a lot of time as well as lots of study time because the exams got harder as the semester went on. Either way, you will find your spot and enjoy what u are learning; I really enjoyed OB and did really well in the class and enjoyed waking up at 5am for clinicals, who woulda known! LOL. As for PEDS, I ran into some medical issues and had to focus on getting myself better so I did not get to experience it to its full potential.
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    Yes, it is Addison. They finally recieved my last transcipt on Friday and Nick said he was going to put it thur. He said it would be two to six weeks before I would hear anything, though I hope that it does not take that long. How long did it take for you to hear something and are you at Addison?
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    Yeah, I use to work 3 12hr shifts but I changed jobs (Alexian Brothers) and work 4 8hr shifts. But once I get into the program (if) I will drop my hours.
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    It took a while actually. But that's because I applied in the summer for their fall semester... I got a letter before they called me... Some people got a phone call before a letter.. So just wait for the call/letter!!! I bugged my admissions advisor about every two weeks to see if I got in or not!! Haha, he was pretty annoyed I'm sure. Good luck!! I'm sure you'll have no problem getting in! Just when u get to the hard stuff really cut down on hours and you'll make it through.. I can tell youths I'm not working and I spend a majority of my day doing work for school... So jus prepare yourself, it's 8 week sessions so each class has 3 written exams on top of two labs with return demos every week and quizzes every week... It's intense but I love a challenge. They are really conscious of their reputation which I think is really good, no one wants to come from a school with a bad reputation!!
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    I swear, the waiting for a call has to be the worst part about the whole admission! Has anyone received a call yet?

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