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    Same here... I kept on checking my email... I hope they'll let us know soon... When is the orientation ?

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    I believe the 20th of June, but when I think about it I cant remember why I think its that day!

    My advisor usually e-mails or contacts me on thursdays, didn't hear anything last week hopefully tomorrow!
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    Im in ! i heard this morning! Hope you all hear soon too!
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    That's great dng27! Congrats! I still haven't heard yet. When did you apply?
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    Thanks! I applied the end of march, took the HESI in april & then they waited to submit my app till the end of may when they got my transcripts.
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    Oh ok! I also submitted my application at the end of may! Hopefully I hear something soon!
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    Congrats dng27!! I also got accepted!! Sooo excited! Hope everyone else hears soon
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    Hey marisar! Congrats! Did u also get notified today? Are they calling or emailing? I'm getting so anxious now! Lol
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    Hi jade18!
    I got an email at 9am then received a call at noon to set up an appointment to review my financial aid and take the drug test. And a second appointment to register for classes. Don't worry I'm sure there's many students they had to contact. Maybe u should call or email ur advisor. Good luck! Fingers crossed
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    I got in too! Just got the call 20 mins ago! Yay!

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