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    Ruthie- That stinks about your GPA. But don't give up on your dreams!! That is great that you are going for the summer semester, you can do it!!!

    I still haven't heard from my advisor... I applied really early for spring 2012.. so I got my e mail with my transfer credits about a week ago and I am hoping to hear from him soon... I applied and took my hesi about two weeks ago... eek... How long did it take to hear back for you?

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    Quote from sakura123 I didn't have any interview with any advisor yet. I had just received a call and they told me I was accepted and would hear about the next steps and would receive a phone call as to what I need to do next but it has been weeks and still no phone call. I haven't even been able to go over anything with financial aid. And don't know where I should go get my background and drug tests done. I'd like to get everything done and taken care of. I don't like to do things last minute and feel like I keep calling but it's only because I don't like procrastinating and leaving things til the last second and I really am just so excited to get everything done. I have called and left my advisor messages but have gotten no response yet. Do you know...where do we get the paperwork or go to to get all these tests done? and are those the only 2 things we need to get done? also how do we find out about financial aid and will they contact me? Also how do we know what classes have transferred and what not? Well at least I now know from you that there's a mandatory oriendation on Oct 13th Thank you now I can plan better and at least not schedule myself to work that day. Do you happen to know what time it is at? Thank you so much
    Your advisor will call you and set up an appointment with you to go in for the financial aid and to get your paperwork for the background and drug test. You will also have to pay $150 at that time. Hopefully you've gotten an appointment already or have had these things done. I received an email this morning stating that registration for classes is Oct. 3rd, but you must have all of the other things completed before you can register. Also, you have to call and make an appointment to register with your student services advisor. This is not the same as your admissions advisor, you will meet the student services advisor when you go in for your appointment about financial aid and the drug test. I called this morning and made the appointment with my student services advisor and was able to get in on the 3rd. I wish they would let us pick our classes earlier than that, but oh well. The mandatory orientation starts at 5pm. Hope this helps!
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    I got a call and im IN for the fall! im so excited! i havent had my meeting yet with financial aid but i will next week. Just a quick question for those who have, how long did they say it would take you to complete the program? I have not yet taken anatomy and physiology but a friend told me you can complete the program in 7 semesters without having taking anat and physiology. I know they would discuss this all at the meeting but im just anxious to know if anyone has a clue!
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    geenam, they will give you an estimate whenever you ask, but you will actually find out when you meet with your adviser to go over your plan of study. You will schedule that with your adviser sometime around the middle of session A of your first semester. I took all my science classes, math classes, and almost all the other gen eds before I came to chamberlain so I was told I would be done in 6 semesters.

    Good luck to everyone who got accepted for the fall! Don't flake on your studying and take your early nursing classes seriously! Most of the people in my NR 222 class didn't because they thought it would be easy and they ended up failing the first test.
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    The majority of my class in NR222 failed the first test too. Failing is considered lower than a 76% and I got a 75% I thought I knew the material but apparently not well enough.
    I'm noticing a lot of these questions on the test you have to really think about before you answer. Quite often there is a right answer to the wrong way you view a question. It's a bit tricky and nerve racking to know there are only 3 tests in the class too. So I take my second test tomorrow only covering 5 chapters but the practice tests we were given are tricky too. Any advice from those who have already taken NR222??
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    On the test you could eliminate at least 2 of the answers for each question. If not two then at least 1. Read through every answer carefully and connect each answer to what you already know about it and that should help you figure out if it works with the question.

    Read the book. Teachers aren't joking when they say that. A LOT of the information is in the books and not just the handouts. It is time consuming but that can be the difference between an A and a B. Add notes to the powerpoints given by the teacher. I expanded on almost everything that was on the powerpoint slides. Also make sure you understand each slide and that you understand all of the definitions. If you understand those then the critical thinking will be that much easier.
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    i got accepted for fall 2011 too!
    but does anyone know if we have to take the medical and flu shot before the class starts??

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    Hi everyone!

    I am applying for Chamberlain, hopefully beginning in February 2012! I have a few questions/concerns--maybe someone could help me??

    I've been to 3 different colleges before--my cumulative GPA is a 3.3 from all 3 schools. More recently, I've gone back to my community college to take some pre-reqs for nursing (AP1, chemistry, etc) and have gotten A's in those. Today, I took my HESI A2 exam and got a 77% on it I know that's considered passing--but the score isn't very impressive and my GPA is only so-so. Do I even have a shot here??

    I got a 90% on the grammar, 86% math, 85% reading, 78% vocab, 72% in AP & chem, but a freaking 60 on my bio! I felt like I studied pretty hard for the I'm really nervous that my 77% isn't going to cut it, or that if I take it again I won't do much better.

    I keep reading on the forums that people get in the high 80s or low 90s...what do you guys think?? My advisor is out of town until monday so I will talk to him and see what he thinks. Please let me know~!
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    Anyone who have taken NR222, do we have to wear uniforms for that class? if so, are they providing it or we ourselves have to purchase it outside school? Also, what kind of books do we need for that class? There is only one more week till school starts and they haven't told us where to get our books.
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    Peanutbutter, you do not wear your scrubs to NR 222. There is no clinical or lab for this class. You have to purchase the scrubs but you won't need them till you start the following semester. You can get scrubs online from the website that Chamberlain provided. It has to be the scrubs that they chose. You can also go to the book store and buy them from there. Books are sold in the book store. All you have to do is go in there with your schedule, hand it to the worker, and they will get all the books for you. If you want to order them for cheaper somewhere else the books are online, so you can see which ones you need.
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