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    Quote from 28nursingstudent28
    Ok so I have a it too late to apply? My friend and I have applied but my other friend has still not finished the application process. if you get accepted, what happens? Do they just call you and tell you you are in? or do they call and set up an interview with you? i've been reading that people just get a call saying they are in. But I've heard from people that they get called in to first interview with the dean? I have not gotten any calls yet so I'm starting to get worried. When are we supposed to find out?
    I replied to the wrong reply above, sorry...

    For October, I believe it is too late to apply. I heard July 15th was the cut off. But I am sure she can apply for the next start date. I'm not sure of the exact acceptance process. I have read you get a call from your advisor and then the formal acceptance as a letter. I think the final acceptance is dependent on the results of the drug and background check.
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    Quote from Allie1212
    Still haven't heard anything....has anyone heard anything this week? Still keeping my fingers crossed that I might hear @ the end of this week!
    I haven't heard anything either so I am thinking I may not have as good as a chance as I thought I won't give up though, I'll try again for the next time.
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    Quote from Bella2BRN
    I haven't heard anything either so I am thinking I may not have as good as a chance as I thought I won't give up though, I'll try again for the next time.
    How do you know that for sure though? Maybe they just haven't gotten to our apps?
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    Quote from Allie1212
    Do you know if it is the same committee that meets for the Addison AND Chicago campus? I am getting so anxious I don't want to wait that long lol!

    I'm really not sure. I would think its two different committees because of the mass number of applicants but you never know.
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    I called the Chicago campus and they said the deadline is august 1st. Maybe the Addison campus is different or the Chicago campus may have extended the application deadline since most people apply to the Addison campus because its "more established".
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    Quote from aggiexpooh
    The addison campus is very busy, we have over 300 students in our program! so the whole chamberlain team is working to get everyone where they need to be and ready for clinicals and graduation. i hope u all choose the addison campus b/c we have been cranking out grads every semester with no issues and our campus is recognized as an illinois acc. school while the chicago campus is still not on the US Dep. of Education. good luck to u all! =]
    At one point, the Addison campus wasn't recognized either. Give it a chance. This location will establish itself just as the Addison campus did. Every Chamberlain location has the same curriculum and as long as its accredited then it really doesn't matter. Everyone is applying to the Addison location with a larger chance of not getting accepted because of the mass amount of applicants while people at the Chicago campus are applying and getting accepted and in the end its the same education and everyone will get the same recognition. The first graduates from the Addison campus did well and I'm confident that the first graduates from the Chicago campus will do just as well.
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    Quote from Allie1212
    How do you know that for sure though? Maybe they just haven't gotten to our apps?
    I am assuming, for sure. I thought based on a conversation I had with my advisor, I was told with my GPA, I would have been one of the first ones evaluated. At the same time, I previously registered for classes as my CC. Fall semester begins Aug 22nd, so I am on a time restraint too....I don't want to drop too late and lose the $ I already paid, but I don't want to drop the classes, not get in, and lose out on the classes I already registered for. I also applied at a 2yr ADN program, was unofficially accepted, but afraid to accept and then Chamberlain does call. I guess I am freakin since I haven't heard anything yet from Chamberlain I think I will give it til next week and see what happens, then need to reevaluate my options!
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    I'm hoping to hear this week. I REALLY REALLY REALLYYYY hope I get a call :-/
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    Quote from freyes
    Hello, i am trying to get into Chamberlain Addison campus but my GPA is too low. My grades weren't so hot during my first stint at college so i joined the military. I came back 2 years ago and have been taking my studies a lot seriously. Unfortunately my old GPA brings my overall GPA down. I tried to apply for academic amnesty from Elgin Community College (where i go) but they do not offer that. My overall GPA 2.67 and i am trying to get it up to 2. 75 . Will i be accepted or am i a lost cause?

    also... If i finish all the transferable courses at my local CC. Will i still have to do the mandatory 7 minimum semesters before graduating? If so does that mean i would have to take some other random filler-courses?
    can anyone answer this?

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