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Hello! I'll be starting my RN program come August with the hope of eventually becoming a CRNA at some point down the line. Earlier today I was talking with a friend of mine whose aunt is a surgical nurse in South Bend, IN. ... Read More

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    900-1800 cost plus profit, which could be double that (which is great compared to other industries) is fair I think. Although, I still want to know what part of that 30-120 per minute is actually spent on salaries. You have 2 OR techs making 12-15 an hour, Anesthesia making 100-200 an hour, OR nurse making 25-30 an hour, and the surgeon. If you add everyone's salary it is 4 dollars a minute maximum (not including the surgeon). So how do you justify that 30-120 a minute charge being spent mostly on salaries. Most of it is equipment, markups that are not seen in any other industry, and others costs...

    And I agree with you, the payment system we have right now is unacceptable. It is unsustainable in the long run.
    Salaries and benefits make up approximately 65% of expenses. Which makes it the largest expense in the hospital. Different hospital systems will be slightly different, but this is an accepted statistic in US hospitals.
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    It's the location. You live in the Bay area where the cost of living is higher and you are working 4 twelves to attain that income.