Where did your desire to become CRNA start? - page 3

Just wondering how many of you started off from the beginning to become what you are. Who decided later? I'm awaiting acceptance to an ADN program now but I decided at 30yrs. old that I wanted to go into to anethstesia. Anyone... Read More

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    Thanks for the advice. I hope this isn't the case for me. Just an idea for you, I shadowed a CRNA who owned his own practice and contracted himself out to work under pediatric dentists and oral surgeon's, he was well respected by the Doc's, probably because they were grateful to have a CRNA instead of an Anesthesiologist since it saves them tons of money! Since the Doc's own there own practices and all. He loved his job and really enjoyed his colleagues and patients. He'd done the hospital thing for a few years and left for some of the reasons you listed. This was probably my best CRNA shadowed experience. I would love his job!

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