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    I have thought about becoming a CRNA for a long while now, and would like to shadow someone to get a better feel for the profession. Is there anyone practicing in the Seattle area who would be willng to let me shadow? I think it would really help me in deciding whether to pursue CRNA school. I'd be eternally grateful

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    sunshine, have you tried placing this in the state/WA and under the specialties/CRNA forums?

    Good luck - sounds like a great field to enter!
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    Hello...I would try contacting Virginia Mason U of Wash Hospital. There is also a hospital in Renton that is staffed by Valley Anesthesia Assoc I believe and the director of that group is very cordial. Contacting the hospital directly and asking to speak to someone in the anesthesia dept is probably your best bet. Sometimes its difficult to get past the HIPAA roadblocks. good luck
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    Washington Association of Nurse Anesthetists has a website. You can check there. I am sorry but I don't have the site name handy, but google should get you there.

    Lots of good CRNAs in Washington.
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    thank you both for pointing me in the right direction!
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    I shadowed at UW and had a great experience. You need to get a hold of the lead CRNA. PM me and I can tell you how to get in touch with her.

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