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Ok-let me preface this by saying I am a first year SRNA. . . I have a question regarding potency of vecuronium. When doing a long case and you have used more than one bottle of vec has anyone had issues with what seemed to be... Read More

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    I would stop doing that, and strictly stick to the instructions!!!! I know its much easier to grab a syringe with 10cc of NS and squirt it down, but if anything goes wrong for what ever reason I would not like to be in a position of explaining why was NS saline used and not sterile water!!!!

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    It doesn't matter if it is NS or Sterile Water. This is extremely old thread, and those were probably the initial instructions a long time ago.

    The differences that you will see with repeated dosing in the same patient is usually d/t context sensitive half lives.

    "Infusion solutions of vecuronium can be prepared by mixing vecuronium with an appropriate infusion solution such as Dextrose Injection 5%, Sodium Chloride Injection 0.9%, Dextrose (5%) and Sodium Chloride Injection, or Lactated Ringerís Injection."

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